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7 Features That Make The Xbox Kinect The Magical Device That It Is

The Xbox Kinect took the gaming world by storm when it was released in 2010, and while most people are buying this new motion controlled gaming device because “it’s cool”, the Xbox Kinect actually stands on its own merits – and following are seven features that make it a truly magical device.

The Sensor

The awesome 3D sensor of the Xbox Kinect is where the majority of the Xbox Kinect’s magic stems from. The Xbox Kinect can recognize up to two players at a time, while capturing their live body movement, read their facial expressions, and will soon be able to scan live objects. The Kinect sensor outshines both the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation Move in sophistication and doesn’t require gaming controllers to enjoy.

Games are normally alluring to the younger folks, but with the advent of of Xbox and ps4, the 90s generation simply refuse to let go of their childhood passion and are always into video games and are as excited now as they were then, with the variety of content available. While some prefer playing judi online, video game lovers have donned blinkers and cannot see beyond their favorite ones, be it ninja or candy crush, their enthusiasm can never die down.

In-game Microphone

The inbuilt microphone that makes communicating via Video Kinect possible also serves the purpose of a fully functioning in-game gaming microphone. If you have a bunch of friends over and don’t have enough headsets to suffice, the Xbox Kinect will allow everyone to communicate with its inbuilt microphone – saving you a trip to your local gaming store.

You are the Controller

I know that I hinted on this a bit when describing the Xbox Kinect’s motion sensor, but this is a point that I can’t drive home enough; the Xbox Kinect is the first and only motion controlled device that captures your full body movement without the aid of a controller – making you the controller. The innovative technology of the Kinect allows gamers to game like never before and finally frees gamers of a pad to control their in-game movement.

The New Kinect Dashboard

Have you ever seen the movie Minority Report? Well, I have and when I saw how the Kinect Dashboard allowed Xbox Kinect owners to swipe their hands and control their game’s interface with their hand motions, my mind cut back to scenes of Tom Cruise doing the same thing in the futuristic sci-fi thriller, Minority Report. The Xbox Kinect will have you looking like a traffic director as you shift between movies, games, music, and more to come in the future with simple hand motions.

Voice Recognition

In addition to allowing you to control your games with hand motions, the Kinect also aids gamers by allowing them to control certain in-game options and user interface setting via voice commands. Man has been trying to communicate with computers for years and this much wanted tech features has found its way onto the Xbox 360 by way of the Xbox Kinect.

The Games

If you’re looking for what really makes the Xbox Kinect magical, you need not look any further than the games of the Xbox Kinect. The Xbox Kinect features games for the entire family including dance games, mini-game titles, action games, and more with more to come.

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