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Father’s Day Gifts for Poker-Playing Dads

Is your dad a member of the ever-growing poker craze? If so, this hobby will give you a lot of opportunities for gift selections for Father’s Day. This Father’s Day, consider getting your dad a poker-themed gift. These Father’s Day poker gifts work great for dads who have home poker games, like to play in public or maybe just want something to go along with their poker game.

For the dad who likes playing poker in home games there are quite a few options. Does he have his own set of poker chips? How about one with his initials in the center of each chip? This would be something unique he could have to impress his poker playing friends with and show off as his Father’s Day present. If he already has chips, does he have a poker table to play on when he hosts poker games? If not, and you are looking for a gift above $100 you can find him a nice portable poker table, obviously the more you spend the better the poker table. Are you looking to spend a little less than that for Father’s Day for your poker loving dad? Well, then consider the table tops that go on top of your standard table. These table tops are portable and have holders for chips and sodas which work great for poker playing dads as a Father’s Day gift.

Does your dad enjoy going out to play poker? If so, find out where he plays. You can probably purchase him a gift certificate to a casino or social club that he plays poker at regularly for Father’s Day to help fund your poker playing dad’s entertainment. Also check with your dad’s friends, they might know of restaurants or clubs that have poker leagues which require an entry fee. Pay your poker loving dad’s entry fee up front for him as his Father’s Day gift. Of course you could also buy him an entry to the World Series Of Poker in Las Vegas, that is if you have $10,000 to spend on your dad for Father’s Day.

There’s nothing like a good game of poker to play with your dad on Father’s Day to make things lively for the occasion that most people neglect in current times but a visit to https://jasaqq.cc and having an online battle with pops is worth considering.

Of course most of us don’t have that much to spend on our Father for Father’s Day, even though we would love to if we could. For those of you with smaller budgets, here are some lower cost gifts to compliment your dad’s poker interest. How about getting him glasses that have his name on it or his name and underneath it “home poker game”. These will be great for your dad to show off as a Father’s Day gift every time he plays poker with his friends. You could also consider purchasing him an automatic card shuffler to make shuffling the cards easier for his home poker game. One final Father’s Day suggestion for your poker loving dad is a membership in a “Beer Of The Month Club” they sell online so he is never low on new beers to try at his next home poker game.

Whichever gifts you choose from the above selections will be a hit with your poker playing dad as a Father’s Day gift.

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