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Foxwoods Resort Casino’s Grand Pequot Tower Hotel – Worth the Splurge

Foxwoods really seems as though it is out of place because of its location. You drive through the pretty Connecticut countryside (after getting out of dingy Bridgeport if you take the ferry), and then you see this amazing structure appearing out of nowhere. It’s a large ivory structure with a bright green roof. Truth be told, it is absolutely beautiful.

The hotel and resort is relatively new. It was built as a bingo hall in 1986, and has been expanding ever since. The Grand Pequot Tower was the first hotel are to be built at Foxwoods, followed by the Great Cedar Hotel. If you are a member of the Wampum Club, you can earn free hotel stays in either section.

But, this review is about the Grand Pequot Tower.

The Grand Pequot Tower is very easy to get to. You just park for free in the parking structure, and make your way into the large entrance of Foxwood’s. There you are! Only a few short steps away from the lobby and registration area. Or, if you don’t want to walk, you can always use the free valet parking service… I prefer the parking structure, just because I like to know where my car is at all times. If you take the bus, you’re dropped off downstairs and have to make your way upstairs and across the casino to the lobby area.

The lobby is stunning. It is ENORMOUS with a beautiful fountain and high ceilings. There are a few chairs and benches around to sit while your party is checking in, if you don’t want to stand with them. It’s just a very aesthetically pleasing area to be. And so clean, too!

Speaking of check-in, it was a snap. We requested 2 double beds for our room, and they had no problem obliging. They were very helpful and friendly at the front desk. Foxwood’s has a wonderful staff, to say the very least.

The room was ENORMOUS. I couldn’t believe that it was a “normal” room. All of the rooms are either deluxe rooms or suites. The room had a lot of amenities, too: a safe, plenty of closet space (and I do mean PLENTY), a large dresser, cable TV, coffee maker, digital temperature system (inside and outside), the list goes on and on. Of course, you have to pay for whatever you remove from the mini-fridge. It’s digital, too, so you can’t even take anything out to examine it without being charged.

The bathroom was a really nice size, too. There were lots of towels (I use at least 2 when I take a shower: one for my body and one of my hair), excellent water pressure and temperature, a hair dryer, and, of course, Foxwoods toiletries. (I love those!!)

Since we were all playing Bingo and wanted to get our gambling in for the brief 2 days and one night that we were there, none of us experiences the spa, salon, or pool. There are plenty of places to eat in the casino level of Foxwoods. I highly recommend the Festival Buffet, which has all sorts of food. And, they make the BEST clam chowder that I have ever had. We always go to the Festival Buffet, whether we are staying overnight or not.

Our favorite pastime was to search for situs judi qq online terpercaya so as to make our time more enjoyable as there is nothing better that we can find to do and so therefore we consulted each other and sought the advice of the experts in the casino who are natural players and learnt some new tricks of the trade.

Since my mom is a member of the Wampum Club, our room only ran $80 for a Saturday night. Apparently, we saved $120… That’s right. A room on a Saturday night could run you $200. I don’t think it’s worth 200 a night, but I would definitely shell out $80 to stay there. Join the Wampum Club so that you can stay!

Checking out is easy. You can do it from your room via express video checkout, but we all prefer checking out with a live person. Like check-in, it was quick, easy, and pleasant.

Overall, staying at Foxwoods is terrific and definitely worth it. If you’re willing to spend a pretty penny, than this is definitely the place for you. If not, there are some less-expensive hotels in the area, but they’re definitely not as nice at the Grand Pequot Tower. Join the Wampum club and use the discounts they give you.

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