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Free Online Poker Guide To The 4 Main Types Of Poker Player

Wherever and whenever you play poker, on free poker sites or in casino card rooms there will be 4 types of players present most of the time, you will also be a member of one of these groups to some degree. They are tight-passive, tight-aggressive, loose-passive, and loose-aggressive,

Within each kind there are gradations, for example, the most extreme loose-aggressive is termed the “maniac”, this is a player who plays most hands and raises constantly, almost no matter the cards he has.

All poker players have a natural tendency to play a certain way. For most players, this natural tendency will make them lose money as it makes them play too many or too few hands, making them too aggressive or passive in many hand situations. All styles have a time and place and good poker players are the ones who can switch styles in order to maximize their chances.

As a first step to improve you need to identify your natural playing tendency. It is also important to learn to recognize the style of the players who sit at your table so you can counter them in the most effective manner and exploit their shortcomings if they are weak.

Loose-passive The loose-passive player calls many hands pre and post-flop. He really wants to lay in as many hands as possible and will try and hold on to the bitter end while not having the least chance of winning. Loose-passive players are also generally known as “calling stations”.

Loose-aggressive The loose-aggressive player plays many hands aggressively with lots of betting and re-raises. Although these players lose long-term they are dangerous at times as if their luck in no-limit Hold’em tournaments is good they will get a lot of chips quickly and become the chip leader.

Tight-passive Also called rocks, they play a few hands and play passively. They only bet when they are sure to have the best hand, which makes their earnings small when they do win. One of several disadvantages the rock has is when you identify them as a rock and they play a hand you’re certain to fold. For that reason on any table with players who have some skill, the tight-passive player is largely sidelined.

Tight-aggressive His game is selective, will bet hard whenever they have the advantage. Most players who follow this style will be more skilled and have learned to play well and consider things like pot odds and implied odds. Not all players with this style are good but many are and overall it is the best singular style to adopt while adding loose and passive elements as game demands and situations change.

The ideal way to identify your style, learn to spot other players, and improve yours is in good yet low-risk free poker games. It’s a fact that we learn by mistakes in poker so let’s keep those mistakes cheap! Micro stakes and free poker games online on Judi Online Terpercaya are the best way of learning new poker skills and free poker sites also have many good free poker lessons you can take to learn about things like pot odds and what pocket cards are best, so go start learning more now!

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