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Guidance regarding – How to Beat the Aliens in Zombie Farm

Zombie Farm released its final enemy – Aliens. The Zombie Farm Aliens are the most difficult enemy you can face with your Zombie army, and unless you go at them correctly, most of your army is going to die before you can finish them off.

Yet, once again, there is a way to beat the Aliens in Zombie Farm without losing a zombie. Unfortunately, for the first time you will have to change you army if you expect to beat them. The traditional unbeatable army that was successful against both the ninjas and the robots are not going to work. You’ll need a new type of army to beat them and – for the first time – you will need to be hungry if you hope to win. Both the robots and the ninjas you could go in every 2 hours.

Unlocking the Zombie Farm Aliens

To unlock the aliens in Zombie Farm, all you need to do is reach level 36. However, the makers of the app have made leveling up that quick much more difficult. Not long ago brains were valued at 500xp (meaning you could buy something that was worth 500xp with one brain and sell it if you didn’t want it). Now they’re worth no more than 200, so leveling up has become much more difficult. All the unlocking of the levels should be through the verification websites 토토먹. The information of the person should be remain confidential with the online gaming websites.

The boss alien does less damage than the robot bosses, but is considerably more annoying. It sends in characters from other levels that distract your zombie and shoots lasers that do a little bit of damage and add up over time. Also, you are fighting several aliens at once, rather than one at a time. That makes these battles time consuming.

How to Beat the Aliens Without Dying

The trick to beating the Zombie Farm aliens is pretty simple. First, your army should be filled with only headless zombies and Zombarians. I tend to use only three Zombarians but only because I don’t want to grow more. You should probably have 4 or possibly 5. Zombarians damage every alien with their Smash, which helps speed up the process. You should also have 4 ZomBees (or a cupid zombie, if you have one), and fill the rest of your army with headless zombies. No girl zombies or regular zombies or mini zombies. They’re all useless here.

The order should be pretty simple. Mix up your headless zombies and Zombarians for the first 4 or 5 zombies, then do a ZomBee, then do 3 or 4 more Headless Zombies and Zombarians, then another ZomBee. The rest of your army doesn’t matter.

That’s it. The only thing you need to remember is to press Smash as quickly as possible every time it pops up, so that your Zombarians do as much damage as possible. Otherwise the game becomes very time consuming. Also, as usual, make sure you use all 5 available mutations and wait until your zombies are all Master class just to make sure you don’t have any problems.

And with that, your Zombie Farm game is now somewhat complete. You can keep farming if you like, but otherwise there is nothing much else for you to accomplish. Congratulations.

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