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How to Play Poker with the Boys:

Poker has long been considered a man’s game. Not until recently has it been considered acceptable for a woman to sit down to a gritty game of poker with the guys. Although it’s starting to become more and more prevalent in casinos, the internet and home poker games around the globe, it can still be a bit intimidating for women to sit down at a table full of men and jump right in on all the action.

As a seasoned home game poker player, internet player, and casino player, there is one main characteristic that I have learned over the years that will turn any woman into a confident force to be reckoned with at any table she sits down at. As you visit https://koinqq.com/, you can learn useful tips and tricks that will surely help you in a game of poker. This is a great way for women to polish their poker skills and make their way in the poker world.

The most important attribute you must have to swim with the poker sharks is inner confidence. However, if you know the game of poker well, you know it’s not always conducive to your poker game to wear this confidence on your sleeve. In fact, in many situations it will bode you well to play the part of your gender stereotype and act timid and uncertain in your play. In this case, I think women have an edge. In my experience I have found that a lot of men that I have sat down with at the poker table underestimate my knowledge of the game simply based on my gender. This works out swimmingly for my play. Instead of taking offense I use their judgments to my advantage by acting the part. They try to bully me around and I end up winning a lot of pots because of it. After they catch on to my game, they realize I’m a serious player and cease the bullying, which gives me the opportunity to then bluff at more pots and win more hands.

Internet play is a little bit trickier. You are not sitting face to face with another human being, but rather an avatar – some not even depicted as humans, but rather gnomes, sharks, frogs and fish – to name a few. In this scenario you can’t really use your gender to your advantage because the true identities of the players at the virtual poker tables are anonymous. Johnny, a 19 year old college drop out can depict himself as a 50 year old housewife, and Charles, a 35 year old New York City stock broker could really be your 75 year old grandma’s best friend, Mildred.

Whatever setting you choose, just remember to keep your cool and your confidence. If you know the game of poker, you can easily hang with the boys – and even have a slight edge!

Women still have a long way to go to catch up with their male counterparts in the poker world. The last woman to make it to a final table at the World Series of Poker was Barbara Enright back in 1995. What many people fail to understand is that, unlike other predominantly male sports such as football and boxing, men and women are on a level playing field. All you need to join in on all the fun is knowledge of the game, a sharp mind and some acting skills. I would love to see the number of women in next year’s World Series of Poker triple that of what they are now. C’mon ladies, get your sunglasses out, your game face on and let’s show those boys what we’re made of!

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