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My Review of Mohican North Star Casino

Wisconsin has quite a few casinos to choose from, but my favorite (and where I seem to win most of the time) is North Star Mohican Casino and Resort in Bowler, Wisconsin. As someone who really loves to enjoy the bandar casino online, I don’t think this will come as much of a surprise. North Star is located at W12180 County Road A. It is a little bit of a loop around getting there on the back roads of the country but most casinos are in Wisconsin.

A few years back North Star casino was located in an older, small not very appealing to the eye building attached to a large odd shaped dome. Since then they have remodeled into an up to date casino with a hotel in the same area where the old building was. As you walk into the lobby the atmosphere give you the adrenaline rush to gamble. A large chandelier hangs from the middle of the ceiling, tiles with dark decorative designs fill the floor, and signs and lit up lights point you in the direction to the hotel, casino, restaurants and hotel hang from above.

The newly built hotel offers its’ guests 97 non-smoking rooms that overlook the beautiful Wisconsin Northwoods, which is naturally a beautiful site to see. If you would rather travel and stay in your RV, they also offer a full service RV park that features 57 sites year round that you can park at.

For the restaurants at North Star, unfortunately I am not impressed with any of them. I have been to each of them a few times thinking things will get better and they have not for the last few years.

The Longhouse is their sit down fancier restaurant that offers menu items like wild gulf shrimp, pan fried walleye, braised pork shank, chicken and eggplant and much more. Every time we have eaten here they haven’t been extremely busy but our food always takes about 45 minutes to an hour to come out. Then when we do eat, it has been a little on the cold side and not much on the plate for the price that you pay. That is just my opinion and some of the friends that go with me though; I have heard others say they really like it.

The Grove is their sports bar and offers bar food like burgers, wings, hot dogs, pizzas, and chicken tender baskets. Here it is usually busy and loud due to the stage that features weekly entertainers. The food comes out quick but there really are not a lot of great choices on the menu. I guess I expected more unique/personalized food items.

Deli-licious is probably my top choice out of all of the restaurants and they just serve an average Deli menu. They have salads like egg, tuna, chicken, or Chef. There “all about dog” section features about 5 different styles of hot dogs, which are all really tasty. Then they also offer a variety of wraps, subs and sandwiches. When I go here I usually get the Supporting Actor Wrap which is turkey, provolone, onion, lettuce and ranch dressing in a tomato basil wrap with a cup of roadhouse chili, which I admit is really good. But when they deli restaurant is your best option for a restaurant that is pretty sad in my opinion. If I am staying overnight somewhere, I like to have the option of a good sit down restaurant to relax in at night and have a great dinner.

For just a quick pick me up snack for those with a sweet tooth they have the Aroma Caf©. Here they feature French pastries, cupcakes, cheese cakes, sweet breads and other desserts. They also serve different kinds of Tea, coffee and specialty mochas.

For entertainment they book a lot of popular acts, I have noticed mainly Country acts though. You are able to buy tickets in advance or at the ticket counter when you get there if any tickets are left.

For slots machines they offer their guests over 1,000 penny, nickel, quarter, and dollar slots. They also have $5, $10, or $25 slots for the high rollers.

For table games they offer Blackjack, Craps, Let It Ride, Roulette and Three Card Poker. For you poker players out there this is the perfect casino for that! They a poker room featuring six tables with Texas Hold Em, Omaha and Seven Card Stud poker. The room is really spacious and nice. A lot of the poker rooms I have played in at casinos are small and cramped, not this one.

It the center of the casino is a cool retro round bar. Circling around the outer side of the bar are glass tables with chairs to relax and enjoy a drink. Neon lights and glass shelves with liquor stocked on them decorate the area. Two thumbs up on the retro looking bar! It really adds to the atmosphere of the casino.

Overall usually when I go to Bowler I come out ahead or only a little bit in the negative. The slots seem to do very well for me and the group I go with. I thoroughly enjoy gambling here because of the fun variety of slots they offer, all of the different table games and the friendly staff. The food though as I said before does not rate high on my list at this point, but I am there to try to make money and have fun more than eating. The hotel rooms are clean, cheap, and decorated nicely! Next time you are in the area of Bowler Wisconsin, make the few extra miles on the back roads and check out Mohican North Star casino. Hopefully you can walk out rich!

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