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Bankroll Management And Tournament Poker

The only reason I know the reality behind this secret is because I have spent most of my life around all sorts of betting. Its something that every poker player needs to realise, here it is…You can be the best poker player in the world and play great poker for a million years, but you are by no means guaranteed of making any cash, ever. Throughout the course of your poker playing life it is possible that you can invest your money in games that present the most likely winning possibilities against the most feeble players and never win a cent. Its not likely but it is possible. The management of the money is great at the แทงบอลออนไลน์ to have a reduction in the money loss. You can take a benefit at the online platform through it. Many more benefits are provided to the players to have more benefits. 

I have been reading a little on the subject of bankroll management lately and I don’t like what some people have to say on it. The traditional article seems to entail lots of “%” and “€” signs and phrases like “stop loss” and maybe even “quit while you’re ahead” but not this one. My advice is this; It is up to you to decide.

It is up to you to decide if its worth paying €350 into an event, when all the money you have in your pocket is €350. There are many questions you will ask yourself, like is this a profitable investment and do I have a real chance of winning? But only you and you alone can decide if you want to live with the consequences of losing that €350. There is no mathematical rule that can tell you if it’s the right thing to do.

If you can spend more time focussing on playing good poker and making the right decisions and less on counting the dollars and cents then your game can only improve. Of course it is a bad idea to risk your entire bankroll on one tournament but even if you did you should always be confident that you can bounce back.

Money comes and goes and the only reason you earn it, after all, is to spend it. Or as the old adage says; “’Tis better to spend money like there’s no tomorrow than to spend tonight like there’s no money!”

In tournament poker you pay a buy-in and the last person at the last table is the winner. Its as simple as that. As long as that buy-in is within your means and you feel confident that you are a profitable player in the long run then why would you ever want to ration your participation as so many professionals advocate?

The point of playing poker is to compete, not to make money. I’m not saying you should go crazy and blow all your hard earned currency but if you compete at the highest level available to you and do your very best then you probably will make money. That’s all the bankroll management you should need.

What Is A Good Winning Percentage For Sports Betting

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When you register at Megasloto machine, you will get a high percentage of payout and jackpot. The conversion of the jackpots into real cash is easy and simple for the players. They need to know about the software of the machine to get an increase in the real cash in the bank account.

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New Crowdfunding Solution Launches Includes Bitcoin Support Josic News Sports Style Culture Technology

Crowdtilt has launched a new open source crowdfunding solution called CrowdtiltOpen, which will allow anyone to utilize crowdfunding to raise funds for any purpose through their own website.

There are great solutions available at the Ethereum Casino through the professionals. The choosing of the correct technology is essential to have the desired results. You need to know about them to have a pleasant experience at the online platform to get more real cash. 

The list of features is pretty impressive, CrowdtiltOpen has even integrated the ability to accept bitcoin payments. They also offer recurring billing, analytics, and a number of customization options.

The solution allows registered non-profits the opportunity to create tax-deductible receipts for donations. It also allows entrepreneurs the ability to turn a crowdfunding page into an e-commerce landing page after they have reached their financial goal.

CrowdtiltOpen is open source, giving users flexibility to create and integrate any additional features they may want. CrowdtiltOpen is also working with other companies to offer premium services. For example, they are working with BackerKit to create a customer relationship management system to extend to users.

According to James Beshara, CEO of Crowdtilt

“Crowdtilt exists because of the open source tools that we’ve been able to make use of, this is our way to give back to the open source community…It will produce wildly more interesting results by giving it away for free than if we tried to monetize this thing.”

In addition to open source tools, supporting Bitcoin was a central goal in developing this new solution. Crowdtilt believes including bitcoin support will make international crowdfunding easier.

Beshara states

“Crowdtilt loves bitcoin – and that’s not just plastic bullshit corporate sponsorship of something that has become trendy….As developers, we’ve been big fans of Bitcoin for a long time.”

Bashara also believes allowing users to run campaigns on their own websites will open the opportunity up to larger businesses., saying:

“Nike wouldn’t use Kickstarter or Crowdtilt or Indiegogo, but it definitely would host a crowdfunding campaign on its own domain”

Poker Site Rankings Based On Bonuses

What’s the best part of signing up for slot game sultan play? For most people, it has to be the bonuses. Starting with the deposit most rooms give to new players, through reload and rewards bonuses, nothing’s better than getting free money just for playing poker.

And while you could say that about any online gambling site, poker bonuses are even better. While casino bonuses often have difficult wagering requirements and other rules that try to ensure that the casino will come out ahead in the long run, poker rooms don’t have to do that. They make their money from the rake whether you win or lose, so all they care about is getting you into the room to play. There are no tricks or complex rules to follow here – just play poker and get a bonus for doing it. If you’re not getting a poker room bonus, you’re missing out!

There are plenty of different kinds of poker players out there, each of which has a different need when it comes to poker room bonuses. We’ve written up articles on several types of bonus offers so that you can see which rooms can best deliver the kind of poker bonus you want. Take a look at our reports on each of the following categories:

Biggest Bonuses

For some players, size definitely matters. If you’re a high-stakes player, or you’re just willing to put in a lot of hours, you’ll want to get the most out of the bonuses you clear. These bonuses might not be the easiest ones to finish for most players, but you can be sure that these are the biggest poker bonuses around.

Find the Biggest Poker Bonuses

Fastest Clearing Bonuses

Do you want your bonus money as fast as possible? Then you’ll want to pick a fast clearing bonus. These bonuses are easy to finish and will put money into your pocket immediately, giving your bankroll a quick cash infusion without any heavy lifting on your part.

Find the Fastest Clearing Bonuses

No Deposit Bonuses

Who doesn’t like free money – right? This page looks at no deposit poker bonus offers and explains the steps a player will have to take in order to claim their free poker money. With no deposit bonuses, there are often terms and conditions that you should be aware of before availing of the

Badugi Poker Is Your Best Chance Of Becoming A World Class Poker Player

Badugi is not one of the most known poker kinds; therefore it is easier for you to become a successful player. There is no written literature and relatively few strategy guides on the topic. When I write this article only a few poker rooms offer this kind of poker game. The game most likely comes from South Korea and is becoming more and more popular. Since Badugi is still quite new there are no well-known world class players yet. If you want to become a great and well-known player, Badugi might be your big chance. As a good Badugi player you might be among the bests, while as a great Hold’em player you might be only one of the Top 10 000 players without anyone knowing who you are.

The chances of winnings are high at the at the online platform. The understanding of the rules and regulations is essential for the players to have the desired results. A great experience is available to the players to get the desired results. The meeting of safe playing requirements is possible. 

Basic rules

The game is a lowball game where Ace is the lowest card.

If any two or more cards in your hand have the same rank or suit, then one of your card is eliminated and you only have a 3 card Badugi hand. In this case any four card Badugi hand (from now on referred to as Badugi) beats you. For example A 23 3 loses against A 67 K because even though the first hand has lower cards and four different suits, it only has 3 different ranks while the second hand has all different suits and ranks and that is the most important.

23 loses against A K because even though the first hand has lower cards and four different suits, it only has 3 different ranks while the second hand has all different suits and ranks and that is the most important. In case more player have Badugi then the lowest high card is. For example 4 56 7 beats A2 39.

56 beats 39. The best possible hand is the A234 with different suits.

All players have three draw possibilities to improve their hands. They can change one, two, three or all four cards and of course if they think they are very strong they can “stand pat” and not change any cards.

The game is mostly played in the form of limit. In the first and second betting round the bet size equals the amount of the big blind, while in the third and fourth round the bet size is doubled.

Most important strategy tips

As in many forms of poker, position has key importance in Badugi as well. The other information consideration in the beginning is the number of players at the table. With more people it is very likely that a four card Badugi wins at the end while at a very short handed table a three carded hand might win the pot for you. In a six or more handed table you should have at least three low cards. Just to make sure you know some important percentages: if you start with three different card suits you have 51% chance to reaching the end with a four card Badugi. This means your chance per draw is 21% to reach the same four card Badugi on a given street (there are three drawing rounds).

In general it is better not to keep cards higher than seven in early and middle position. In a blind vs. blind confrontation you can get involved with the highest card being kept an eight (of course with a dealt Badugi you can raise).

There are also situations when you can raise with two card hands. For example when everyone has folded and you are on the button. This is a perfect chance for stealing. When you have two cards lower than six, go on and try to take the pot right there. You can also raise with three card hands from late positions when the third highest is a seven.

Even though it is a limit game I strongly suggest you observe what your opponents do. Your opponents’ actions pretty much determine your strategy. If they change two cards before you and you have a king high four card Badugi, go ahead and raise because most of the times you will be ahead. However if someone bets and another player raises you can be sure that your same king high Badugi is not good anymore. You have to consider breaking it and draw for a lot better Badugi. If the pot odds are not good enough or your draw is not strong enough then just fold your hand and get out of the way. As you can see in this case position means everything.

The limit of the game is also very important. In low limit most of the time you can assume that your opponents have the hand that they “show”. In higher limits this is not so obvious. Sometimes they raise and reraise and making you breaking not premium four card Badugis. At the end you find out they have a strong three card hand and you had to break the winner. That is another reason why you should observe the other players and learn what they do in different situations.


Most players fail at Badugi because they do not calculate (if they calculate at all) the right pot odds. If you know the right percentages and when you should call or fold then you know the main difference between winning and losing.

Let’s see the exact numbers to be clear. The given example it is makes it easier to understand numbers. When you start with a three card Badugi, it is not as easy to reach the four card Badugi as most would think! In the example you are dealt A43J meaning you need a diamond, so you throw away your jack. How many cards are good in the deck for you?

There are 52 cards, minus the four cards you have. Also the A34 must be subtracted because they would be the same rank as the three cards you already have. The K does not help much either because it is almost like a three card hand. It is the highest Badugi so you will beat three card hands but lose against four card Badugis most of the time. The only hand that you can potentially beat with A43K is a hand like A236 which is a better three card hand but does not qualify for a four card Badugi. However this situation will not happen very often. This means there are 48 remaining cards in the deck and only 9 are probably good enough (13 diamonds minus the 4 diamonds which do not help). This means 18,75% of the cards are strong enough. Not even mentioning that for a strong Badugi that you could raise or reraise with you probably need the 2567. These are only 4 cards of 48 (8.3%). These numbers are good to remember when you are chasing your fourth card to hit the Badugi.

The other main probability consideration that most players forget is when to make a call before the third draw and when to fold your hand. Let’s say there are $6 in the pot, your opponent stands pat in the second drawing round and bets $2 when you only have a three card hand. What do you do? Most beginners make the call because they do not know that they only have 18,75% to hit the fourth card. You know you have a small chance, not even mentioning that some of the 9 outs might lose the pot anyway so you might only draw for 2-3 outs.

When calculating probabilities you should not forget the difference between Triple Draw and Single Draw games. In Triple Draw games you will see strong hands win a lot more often than in Single Draw just from the fact that in a Triple Draw game there are 3 drawing rounds opposed to the one round of a Single Draw game. That is why in Triple Draw games worse starting hands win a lot less because they have to hold for three betting rounds.

Holdem Position And Aggression Wins Playing Blindfolded

It is a fact that the best poker players are more aggressive than the average player. The best poker players enjoy the table position relative to the button. The position is more important than the cards you actually have. Another important thing to remember is that the earth will be a show small pots. His seat at the other players off the knob has more value compared to the actual starting hand.

The position of the players should be the right one at the 파워볼사이 for the playing of the games. You need to play the games with patience instead of aggression at the online platform. The meeting of the requirements and needs is possible for the online players with safety playground. 

I suggest an experiment. Play a lower limit from March to May Sit N Go blindfolded. Well, not literally, but you will not be able to see your cards. Put a post in the field of maps showing the screen and you agree to take a look. If you are using a database with a poker HUD, disable it for the experience. You have to play blind. So what is the purpose of this exercise? It will force you to see the opportunities you’ve been missing. You should carefully study their opponents. The only information we have is often open for someone a glass. How much is established? Not often use 3-way? Only use this information and their relative position to your decision as to how to play the hand.

Most of us spend much time looking at our hole cards and not enough time to study our opponents weakness and looking for a place to use our position and the battery in order to win the pot. How many times have you opened in the court or the session button and aggressive players, the player has the right to call and say, “I bet if I’m around here, I’ll probably win,” but you can see your hand and see 8-3 offsuit and wrinkles. because you can not see your cards, you can find places like this, and all-in

As the tournament progresses, you get an idea of ??different battery sizes game. Find places to put a player to be overactive tournament that forced him to call all in. Most players do not like to call on all his chips to prove without a premium hand, if you end up in a loss, means tournament or paralyze. Look for places where you think you can use and punish the weak players at the table and make them pay to continue playing the hand.

Remember this is just an experiment, so you can watch the game on a new dimension. I doubt that the results will be better than the blind play, if you can see letters, but if you play your next tournament, where you can see your cards, you can use what you learned from this experience. I am sure that this experience will be a better poker player.

A Guide To Finding Your Bingo Partner With The I Love Bingo Comparison Table

Online gambling is a huge industry and new sites appearing almost daily, so it can be difficult to know which one to choose. The i-love-bingo comparison table at makes that choice easy and allows the gamer to make informed decisions about what each site has to offer. With over 75 UK sites to compare, there is something for everyone.

The finding of the correct platform for the playing of the games is essential. The reviews of the mega888 are excellent to have desired results. You can get more winnings at the online platform. A winning experience is available to the gamblers at the online site. 

The comparison tool is easy to use, just choose 4 online bingo sites from the drop down menus and click Compare. A table then appears below populated with statistics from all of the 4 sites under the headings explained below. The first is the release date of the site, which can be useful as new sites often offer better introduction deals, but older ones can offer bigger payouts due to their higher player numbers.

The top section of the list includes the i-love-bingo rating, user rating (which can be rated at any time by clicking the link) and the types of bingo games offered by the sites (90, 75 and/or 80 ball). The table also states what currencies and languages are supported.

The lower section of the table contains the nitty gritty details about the bingo site to help the savvy gamer decide. These include the sign up bonus, 1st deposit bonus, minimum ticket price and whether a Refer a Friend scheme is supported. The data in the table is regularly reviewed to ensure that it is correct and up to date, so offers assurance to the player.

When all of the options have been perused and the decision made between the various sites, you can immediately start playing by clicking on the Play button at the bottom of the table. This will direct you to the appropriate bingo website to begin the gaming experience. Sounds pretty easy. Eh?

The advantage of using a comparison tool is that the views expressed should be independent, or even better, the ratings should come from players themselves. This should offer some level of confidence when using the i-love-bingo comparison table and lead to successful matches and even more successful playing at the chosen bingo site. The other advantage of comparing less than 100 bingo sites is that it the comparisons are meaningful, and easy to understand.

You can of course search for the perfect online bingo site manually, it should only take a few years (and some cash) to locate and test the sites available. If that is not appealing, then you can depend on friends to refer a site to you, or you can just close your eyes and pick one at random. Those options are not likely to yield a sensible result, whereas a comparison tool could offer a quick and studious result in seconds.

A quick visit to the i-love-bingo comparison table could be the best thing you did all day if it helps you find your ideal bingo site. Take some tips from the experts and the players themselves (the real experts) and see if this comparison tool is all it is cracked up to be. There is only one way to find out, get online.

Full Flush Poker New Usa Friendly Poker Room

The Equity Poker Network was launched just a few months ago and Full Flush Poker is their main poker room. The Equity Poker Network is one of 6-7 USA friendly online poker networks in 2014. The rapid growth over the last few months has USA online casinos and sportsbooks fighting to get a network license. Many existing U.S.A. friendly poker sites in 2014 are even considering to jump ship, leaving their current poker networks to join FullFlush Poker on the Equity Network. In about three months went from empty tables to over 1,000 peak players. At this rate they will huge by 2015. Full Flush Poker has successfully used the tried and tested method of throwing money at their traffic problems. Nothing is harder than getting some active tables for a new poker room. Most of the free money at FullFlush Poker is in the form of overlays and bonuses. Full Flush has a unique first deposit bonus that is actually both a bonus and a free cash credit. This bonus is a 150% match up to $600 but you also receive 20% instant cash. So if you make your initial deposit of $300 you would receive a $450 bonus and $60 in instant free poker money, plus the $300 obviously. Bonuses are universal but instant cash credits are rare in the USA friendly poker market.

There are plenty of games available at download mega8882 platform to have the desired results. The bonuses and rewards are high for the gamblers at the online platform. A winning experience is available to the gamblers at the site. The meeting of the needs is possible for the players. 

Visit to claim our bonuses, free money, free Copper Coins and Promo Bucks in 2014.

Full Flush Poker Review – Overlays

Their guaranteed poker tournaments are rarely reaching 50% of the GTD amount. So for example, they run a $10,000 GTD tournament with a $20 buy-in. There are usually 100-200 players in it but let’s just say 200 exactly. 200 X $20 = $4,000. This means that this MTT has a $6,000 overlay. Your $20 buy-in is actually worth $50.

FullFlush Poker Cashouts

There is another kind of “guarantee” at Full Flush Poker in 2014 that is drawing in new players. When you cashout via check, Western Union or Moneygram it will take less than 24 hours to process your payment, guaranteed. You have to request your withdrawal by 10:30AM in order for it to be processed within 24 hours. If you request it later on than that just means it will be processed in 24-48 hours, which is still much better than most USA friendly poker rooms in 2014. The processing time is the period between the request and when the money is actually sent.

There are some other perks besides the bonus and free money when you visit using our link and siging up. These incentives include 10 Copper Coins. Each Coin will buy you in to a $500 poker tournament with a very small field. If you deposit $125 or more you will also claim 2,200 Promo Bucks. These Promo Bucks are kind of like tournament money (T$) at Pokerstars. They can be used to buy into regular real money tournaments, $22 worth.

This new U.S.A.-friendly poker site in 2014 also has a built-in casino. There are only around 60-70 games but it is nice enough. If you are looking for a more established USA poker site in 2014 I have listed the best of the best below.

Some Dos And Donts If Youre New To The Game


Take your time to learn about the bookmakers before laying bets with them. Find out about their policies, their odds, their promotions, the speed of payouts, the quality of their customer service… Ask around and check out review sites such as Top10-Betting UK before giving your money to anyone.

Pick one sport in the beginning and stick to it! Spend a lot of time attaining enough knowledge about the rules of the game, its concepts, the players and the team as a whole. Keep up-to-date on all the latest sports news. Make sure it’s a sport you enjoy as well as the whole point of betting is to have fun and relax.

Start small. You must be responsible and ensure that the money you gamble with is money you can afford to lose. When you’re starting off, you are not as experienced as others and have not yet developed your technique. Save the cash for when you’re more sure of yourself and have a greater chance of winning.

Be vigilant, especially when gambling online. Be wary of sites with poor spelling, sloppy designs and no verification or sports sponsorships. Do not share any personal information (even your name and email address) on these sites, as it could potentially be dangerous. Read the terms and conditions!


Don’t fall for “betting tips” as they’re useless and usually come at a cost. Save your money and invest your time and energy into developing your technique instead. These “tips” are usually just marketing schemes to get your details and use them to spam you.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from the bookmakers, friends that bet and experienced gamblers at the betting shop or online. If you are unsure, be open to accepting information from as many sources as possible. Make sure to filter the information you get however and don’t be gullible.

Don’t be greedy – if you’ve won, don’t put down all your winnings on a bet on the same day! Most importantly, do not increase the amount you bet to cover your losses as your judgement may be clouded and you may make a decision you will later regret.

Don’t place a future bet on a sports game when you’re just starting off. The closer the game is, the more information you will have about players injuries, weather conditions or any other factors that could potentially affect the outcome of the game. You have a greater chance of success if you bet sooner to the game.

Don’t put down too many bets at the same time. Take your time to decide what to bet on and how much to spend one at a time so that you can make a clear and well thought-out decision.


So, all these above-mentioned rules are true and are needed to be followed in the game. If not then you might either get disqualified or will lose the match. Also, it remains same in both online and offline mode and also for all types of games and places where people can bet their money. The online casinos like mega888 also sticks to these basics.