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May 13, 2024

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The Power Of Choice In Online Casino Games

May 13, 2024

The power of choice reigns supreme in the bustling realm...

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Latest Posts

Racism and Sexism on Xbox 360 and Xbox Live

My husband purchased an Xbox 360 not long ago. We liked the graphics, ease of use, and overall gameplay. Over time, we bought a variety of different games including; Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row, Halo, Call of Duty, etc. We loved the fact that there was no longer a need for playing games on our computer in order to get great online gaming experience. Although we still enjoy our poker sessions on Poker Uang Asli that offers really amazing offers when it comes to professional poker. On the other hand, Microsoft has provided us with an awesome alternative. However, over the past few months, things have taken a turn for the worse regarding our online (Xbox Live) experience.

Recently, we got the headset for the console (not required unless you want to talk, otherwise you will still hear other gamers chatting through your television speakers). We thought it would be fun to have one in order to take full advantage of all of the great games that were out. It allows us to speak to people before, during, and after gameplay. However, some people use headsets to harass and demoralize others. On Xbox Live, many gamers (including myself) trash talk. This is completely harmless and it sometimes just happens during gameplay. It is a normal reaction amongst players. Unfortunately, I have been hearing the N-word used a lot. I am a black female and I take offense to this. In Xbox Live, you can file complaints (which have absolutely no effect) or submit a player review. You can also avoid the person if you do not want to play with them. Recently, I went into the Xbox Live forum in order to see if other people were having the same problems. Many people have been addressing this problem but the overall response from other users is to submit a review, ignore, or mute them. I agree to an extent. I make note of who said what and then I do exactly that. Is it enough to merely ignore them? I would be ignoring a portion of the Xbox Live community. Why should my husband and I suffer just because some people act like idiots and say these hurtful things? These things are not isolated incidents. I have encountered people saying the N-word on Halo 3, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, etc. I can not merely sweep this under a rug and say just mute them or avoid them. These utterances demoralize my whole race and something must be done about it. My husband paid over $300.00 for this system and he pays a subscription for the Xbox Live service monthly. Why should we pay to be disrespected?

You are probably wondering why we do not just stop playing it. We paid good money for it in order to play and we will do just that until another system comes out. My question to you is…would you want to listen to this when you have paid your hard-earned money for the system and Xbox Live? Even if you are not a minority, I am sure that you can understand my disgust for this type of behavior. Of course, there are utterances of other derogatory words. the Sword (a derogatory name for Spanish people), etc.

Those who have played on Xbox have also heard profanity, etc. Of course, this is bad, especially when you have kids. However, it does happen sometimes when trash-talking and I myself have accidentally used these words while in gameplay (never toward anyone, but I might have said a profane word when I died in the game or something). Other people have done this and I have not complained about it because these games are not rated for children and it is sometimes expected that adults may say these things while playing. I am not saying that it is right; I am merely saying that I understand how that could happen. I try my best not to use those words at all anymore since my husband kindly reminded me that although these games are not rated for children, they do play sometimes and it is not appropriate around them. I respect that and I have toned it down completely. Also, be aware that many children say these things as well as curse all of the time on Xbox Live.

There is a feature where you can change your status online to only family-friendly rooms. We changed our status to this in order to avoid hearing the N-word in every chat room in every game. However, we hear it just as much here. I just finished playing Call of Duty 4 and I was waiting in the lobby for the game to begin. All I heard several people saying was N@##$n@#$$# N@$%%#!! Of course, I reported them and went through all the steps in Xbox but this is ridiculous. Microsoft has to step up and deal with these people by not allowing them to log on to their online service (Xbox Live). Being called the N-word is much worse than people merely cursing or trash-talking because it is hateful and vulgar. I would never allow my children to play this online (if I had any) because I do not want them to have to hear this when they, like my husband and I, only want to play the games. Of course, you will hear things like these outside and other places but you are not paying money to hear it like on Xbox Live. I hear these things in pretty much every game that we play. The world beats us down enough outside (hateful people, employers, etc.). We bought Xbox 360 and Xbox live in order to get a release and just relax and have fun at the end of a hard day’s work.

Another issue that I encountered was sexism. I was chatting while in the lobby waiting for the game to start and I guy asked me (out of nowhere) “Do you perform good fallacious?” (not quite in those words). I was so very disgusted. Being a female in the game rooms is interesting because some males hear my voice and turn their attention to me. Sometimes it is good and sometimes it is not so good.

Please beware of what you will pay for if and when you buy the Xbox (and Xbox Live). It is much more than what is in your wallet because the irreparable damage caused by many of the things said on Xbox Live will cost you and/or your child much more down the road.

Minecraft Cave Exploring

There is a trick to Minecraft Cave Exploring, and I’ll give you some pointers to help you out along with the best pointers that are already listed on An essential part of Minecraft is mining. This will explain the basics; this is written mostly for peaceful mode. To mine, we will need some things. These include a pickaxe, some wooden planks, a chest or two, torches, and a stove.

The first thing to do when you find a cave is to explore to determine if it’s going to pay off or not. If you are comfortable with what you found then set up a base of operations. Place your stove and chest. Make sure important stuff is left in the chest, and only essentials are taken with you.

Next begin to mine, watch your tools durability, and always make sure you carry extras. As soon as you find iron, mine it and return to your base of operations. After the iron is smelted upgrade your tools. Iron pickaxes are needed to harvest gold and diamonds. Plus they breakstone, coal, and iron blocks faster than wooden ones, or stone ones. They also have higher durability so they’ll last longer.

Always, always, find a way to mark your path, or remember where you came from. I can’t express how annoying it is to get lost in a cave, then end up dying because of it. Other then caves there are abandoned mineshafts and Crevices.

Crevices are mostly seen from the surface. Large gaping holes on the surface are hard to miss. They are fissure like and are usually split into sides, and run very deep. Skilled players may make bridges from one side to the other, and make ways down that don’t include fall damage. Lava, and waters, among another thing, are usually found here.

Animals from the surface may fall in. There are typically a lot of minerals in the walls of these places, but high up on the walls. To mine, all of it takes skill and patience. If you find one of these areas it is recommended that you move your base of operations closer. There are usually a lot of caves that branch off from these areas.

You may also run into an abandoned mine shaft. These are full of minecart tracks, and support structures that may be harvested for wood, and fences. There is also usually a chest or two hidden somewhere around. They contain stuff like gold bars, buckets, and other things. You can also find a lot of spider webs.

I, Recommend you bring a sword because it gets through webs faster than most anything. The webs may be collected then converted into wool.

Starcraft 2 Zerg Build Order Strategies

Your Zerg build order plan is critical to winning the battle. Winning or losing in battle can be determined by small but vital changes in your Zerg build order. Below are two specific build orders and an overall guide for all your builds. You should figure out your build order tactics based on the layout of the map, the race you are up against, and your opponent’s strategy. Do not forget to scout your enemy as you progress on your build orders. Make sure to review the Zerg Scouting Strategy Guide for top scouting strategies as a Zerg. Make sure to change your build orders depending on what your scouting units find out.

Be certain to pay attention to your macro game as a Zerg. The Zerg’s production capabilities need to be closely monitored, because unlike the other races they produce both workers and fighters from the same resource. For help in getting the highest production out of your workers and maximizing your resource collection, make sure to check out these Zerg Macro Tips. Protoss or Terran races will generally generate worker and combat units at the same time at the start of the battle, while the Zerg race have the ability to focus completely on one or the other. The number of Hatcheries you create and the Larva that come from them eventually become the most significant factor for your build. Be sure to check out this Shokz Guide Review to find out about the best overall Starcraft 2 Guides out there. Just like playing pkv games, Starcraft 2 requires players to be strategic. This will help them be ahead of the competition in the game. Your strategy is what will make you apart from other players. Hence, it is very important that you do your best and keep on playing for more experience so you can formulate sound and effective strategies.

Zerg Build Orders – Safely to Mid-Game

These Zerg build orders will get you past the first part of the game in good position, and can be used vs. any race.

Generally, you should start with 9 Overlord. Nine Overlord is way better for economic development than 10 Overlord or extractor tricks.

At 12, send in your first scouting Drone.

Go with 13 Spawning Pool. This will greatly assist against six pools or Proxy Gates, and should save around five seconds vs. 14 Spawning Pool.

This also means you will be five seconds earlier on ‘ling speed or a baneling nest.

14 Overlord

Save larva

6 Zerglings. It’s important to deploy these early to defend yourself against minor attacks your opponent may throw at you, and you can also win early if they can get into the enemy base.

Drones – take them off of Vespine gas after 100

When you have 20 food, you can create your initial Hatchery and Overlord.

Place drones back on Vespine gas after their first injection larva pops.

You also almost always should generate 2 bases because you can’t generate enough larva with only one hatchery (except for certain maps when battling a Terran opponent). This will make a huge difference for your economy because there is greater efficiency in mining time for each unit.

Zerg Build Order Tactic – Fast Drones

The initial goal of this Zerg build order technique is to get to ten Drones as soon as is feasible.

After you produce the Drones, spawn an Overlord, and then 3 additional Drones, and wait until you max out at 200 minerals.

When you’ve accumulated the 200 minerals, generate a Spawning Pool. The Spawning Pool is a major target your opponent will try for, so be sure to drop it in a place that’s hard to get to. While the Spawning Pool is being generated, get an Extractor up and deposit 3 Drones on it, then continue to build extra Drones until it’s done. Get your Queen out the second the Spawning Pool is done. Then generate some more Drones as well as some Zerglings.

Upgrade your Spawning Pool with the Metabolic Boost when you reach a hundred Vespine gas.

Finally, make a Baneling nest and produce some Banelings for your defenses. Banelings are great at protecting your headquarters and killing off attackers.

Retro Video Game Reviews: Mutant Virus (NES)

Every once in a while, a video game comes along with a young, new, upstart production company that has put their heart and soul into the title; only for it to, of course, end up as a disappointing mess. Making a video game is very difficult, and not too many companies have a successful enough first release to learn from their mistakes and go on to be successful. In 1992, a cartridge released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) called Mutant Virus (with an absurd full title having something to do with a crisis in the computer world) was produced by one-shot company Rocket Science, with development work pitched in by American Softworks, who worked on several other titles through the next few years, though mostly clunkers.

Mutant Virus is a top-down shooter that, roughly, revolves around a miniaturized anti-virus scientist who is charged with fighting a new strain of especially harmful virus that has infected the CPI, which is some sort of all-encompassing universal electrical computer system that controls the Earth’s communication, data, power, and other functions. Slogging through five levels of virus-blasting, the protagonist must save the planet from utter chaos before it is too late.


The player controls Ron Trainer, the “hottest of the elite corps of Computer Master Debuggers.” One of the first signs of a potentially very bad game from a new developer is when they needlessly go into intricate details concerning the plot, yet none of it truly matters once gameplay begins. To Mutant Virus’s credit, though, the game is not absolute garbage, and there are extensive cutscenes between each level.

Gameplay takes place in a top-down view one screen at a time, with movement to different rooms per stage that roughly follows a map on the screen, all similar to a title such as Legend of Zelda. In a simulation of zero-gravity (or computer circuitry?!), the little on-screen character is controlled by pressing the B button to fire a jetpack burst, at which the character flies ahead at a constant speed, without any gravity or friction to cause slowdown. Thus, just as in Solar Jetman or the classic Asteroids game, the player must navigate levels by careful thrusting, steering, and counter-thrusting, as the character rotates and thrusts.

The A button fires the blaster, or anti-virus, or whatever. The Select button cycles through three different types of ammo: One that has a long distance, one that has a short distance, and one difficult-to-understand-exactly-how-it-differs type that supposedly is automated as to what blocks it affects, such as only affecting viruses and infected locations. The graphics are tile-based, and as the character roams about the level, certain rooms will be infected. The “virus” appears as little moving dots on “infected” squares a different color from the norm, all the colors of which are altered for a different scheme per level. The player must blast the viruses and clean them all up, including infected squares, before they spread and overtake everything. This would kill the character, as moving through viral infection spaces decreases the player’s energy level, this game’s version of a life bar.

And thus play continues; exploring room by room, blasting viruses until they dissipate and a computerized scrolling text alerts success, all until a level is completely cleared and a cutscene can play. The levels get gradually, progressively harder, introducing new types of obstacles and viral objects, such as bits of the board that will fire at the character, blocks that will more quickly spawn viruses, and the need to enter through openings in the wall conduits.


The actual in-game graphics are simplistic and not very detailed; but this is likely forgivable, as the tile-based, top-down perspective has an intentional minimalist quality to it that lends more space for gameplay somewhere between top-down shooter and puzzle-solving. The cutscenes are the most impressive bits, with highly detailed characters exchanging dramatic dialogue amidst intense facial expressions as the plot thickens and details are slowly leaked regarding the origin of the virus and why its originator would plant such a devastating thing.


This is an interesting component of Mutant Virus: Actual music is hardly present at all, as the game instead tries the tact of emphasizing the stranded, isolated nature of the scenes, and just plays vaguely computer-like beeps and boops in the background, save for an instrumental strike whenever the player moves from one screen to another. The effects, like shooting viruses and taking damage and such, are basic and unremarkable.


This is a distinctive game, with thin aspirations of Smash TV, Pipe Dreams, and even slight hint of Bomberman present. There is nothing quite like it, yet it cannot claim to be 100% unique either, as it certainly stretches existing genre strokes and half-borrows cyber elements from other mythologies and games.

However, as the sole effort of Rocket Science Productions, Mutant Virus actually turns out to not be a bottom-scraping trash-heap piece of crap. This is a quirk title that will not grab the attention of most, but will certainly challenge the wits of a few. For its narrow appeal, not-quite-polished result, overly detailed instruction booklet/storyline additions, progressive difficulty, and uniqueness, Mutant Virus scores two stars out of five.

All in all, one of the best Pkv games to have come out with different features and a level playing experience not seen in modern games as that era was in a league of its own while the current ones are more sexually oriented.

Casino Arizona ” the Eagles Buffet “

If you are not able to take the time to venture over to Las Vegas for gambling, entertainment, nightlife, and sumptuous food, Casino Arizona may be the perfect place for you to go to instead. There are currently two locations, one at the101 Loop and Indian Bend Rd. and the second location at 101 Loop and McKellips Rd. The Indian Bend location features 637 slot machines, 42 Blackjack tables, a non-smoking poker room, and the Wandering House Bar and Cafe. As this is a really popular casino in Arizona it is really common that you might not get seats there. In such cases, you can enjoy your favorite poker games on buktiqq and get the very best casino experience at your home. 

Casino Arizona at the McKellips location features a world-class showroom that brings in top-notch entertainment throughout the year. In addition, the showroom features the Showstoppers Live which is a musical tribute to some of America’s great superstars of entertainment, such as Tina Turner, Elvis Presley, The Four Tops, Neil Diamond, etc. The casino has 1026 slot machines, 51 Blackjack tables, as well as Keno.

The Salt River Pima Native American Tribe is currently building a first-class resort ” Talking Stick”, and when completed in 2010 will have more than 100,000 square feet of functioning space and 497 guest rooms. This facility is to be located next to the Scottsdale Pavilions Shopping Center and the Talking Stick Golf Course.

I have gone to a number of the casinos throughout the State of Arizona but found Casino Arizona located at 101 Loop and McKellips to be the closest concept to a casino in Las Vegas but on a smaller scale.

We were greeted at the Guest Services by cordial employees, who assisted us in becoming a member of their CASHBACK Players Club. Joining the club was free, and for each dollar that you spend using the card that you are given, you, in turn, earn points towards cashback. The points can be used in the bar, restaurants, and the gift shop. We were also informed that when you join the CASHBACK Players Club you will also receive special mailings, coupons, advance notification of special events as well as player parties.

Our main purpose for the evening was to eat dinner at The Eagles Buffet. Upon entering the restaurant we noticed a copper ceiling that is supposed to imitate a river in motion. In addition, we noticed that the interior decor of the facility was much different than many other restaurants located throughout the State of Arizona. Many other restaurants in Arizona, are still decorating their interiors using traditional Southwest color schemes. In this facility, we were welcomed with rich hues of dark colors and woods, more reminiscent of interiors that you would generally find in establishments back East. The facility was very open and bright as well as inviting. Artwork, as well as fresh potted plants, were scattered throughout the interior. The buffet was located in a central area of the restaurant and was extremely clean. We noticed that the employees were very attentive to the buffet area, cleaning any spilled items as well as making sure that there was plenty of food to select from throughout our dining experience.

The Eagles Buffet is open Monday through Friday from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm and is closed daily from 3:00 pm until 4:30 pm. Lunch is served between 11:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday through Friday and from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm on Saturday. Prices are $9.95 for adults and $6.00 for children for lunch, and they serve the usual luncheon fare. Dinner is served from 4:30 pm until 10:00 pm Sunday through Thursday and from 4:30 pm until 11:00 pm on Friday and Saturday nights. Dinner prices are $14.50 for adults and $7.95 for children Sunday through Thursday. They feature a special menu presentation for both Friday and Saturday night and the cost is $19.50 for adults and $13.50 for children. Sunday they have a Champagne Brunch with service from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm. The cost of the brunch is $17.50 for adults and $11.95 for children. For a matter of information, children age 3 and under are admitted for free, ages 4-12 constitutes child pricing and age 13 and above are adult prices. If you are a Players Club member you are given a 10% discount off the price. The restaurant seats approximately 250 patrons. It is a full-service buffet and features American style cuisine as well as international dishes.

On Friday nights they have a Seafood Buffet featuring fresh fish, shrimp, crab, clams, mussels, and calamari prepared in various manners, as well as assorted vegetables and side dishes. They also have soups and salads pertaining to seafood items as well. If you are not a major seafood lover they also have other items such as chicken, pasta, and beef for you to select from. The menu changes weekly with a variety of different seafood items according to Dom Orlandi the Lead Restaurant Supervisor.

On Saturday night they feature the Prime Rib Buffet with an extensive array of other main entrees to select from as well as soups, salads, vegetables, and side dishes. We went to the establishment for their Saturday night Prime Rib Buffet. There were a number of different stations located in the central buffet area, each one containing a variety of items to select from. The center section housed the salad bar, a baked potato bar as well as soup selections. My main comment regarding this particular area was that when I tried to use the ladle to place the soup into my cup, it had a long handle and it was difficult to maneuver into the cup since the glass splatter shield was over the top of the entire area. I burned my hand a few times trying to put the soup into the cup as well as when I tried to remove the cup from under the splatter shield. The salad section had a variety of the usual salad fixings. The potato bar also had an assortment of various toppings to select from.

When we approached the main buffet line, there were so many entrees to select from it was difficult to decide what you wanted to eat. I could have spent the entire night just sitting and tasting an array of numerous food items, however, I found the prime rib to be an excellent selection. It was carved when each person entered the area where it was located and was tender and very palatable. I tried a variety of the other entrees and enjoyed them as well. We dined fairly late that night and noticed that even at the late hour, the employees continued to bring out fresh selections for the patrons. At other buffets, we have noticed that many times when it becomes close to their closing time, they start to break down the buffets, which really does not make you feel very welcome. At this facility, they did not even attempt to do that at all. The desserts are all made at the facility as well and there was a wide variety to select from and they were delicious.

On Sunday’s they have a Champagne Brunch. They have an omelet station, carving stations, assorted breakfast items, salads, soups, side dishes, vegetable dishes, and desserts. It has been written up previously as one of the best brunches in town.

In summary, I found The Eagles Buffet to not only offer a wide variety of food items to select from, but also found the quality to be outstanding as well. I would certainly recommend this restaurant to anyone who is interested in having a wonderful dining experience and then top it off with gambling and attending one of the entertainment venues as well.

New Bear Celebration at the Black Bear Casino, Carlton MN

The construction’s done, the place looks great, at least from the outside. Let’s have a celebration. The Hotel and Event Center is offering special prices and to finish off the week Wayne Newton is putting on a one perform only show Sunday Evening.

We came to the Casino last November to eat at the buffet. At that time they had been advertising it heavily as an all-new and improved eating experience. That meal was a huge disappointment to the point we felt we had been ripped off. My honest review of the eatery “The Black Bear Casino in Carlton MN Has a New Buffet, and They Say it’s Improved?” elaborates on how unappealing and minimalistic the offering was the day we made our visit. At that point, we determined we’d never return again. Considering all this, I would like to recommend everyone to try judi online before they try out any fancy casino and feel disappointed by its service. You get an excellent online service that you can try along with almost every game that you can find in a real casino.

When I wrote that first review I stated that if I was running the show, I’d fire the Head Chef and send the whole crew home…FOR GOOD.

This week, as I read the write up in the Duluth News Tribune, I noticed they mentioned that the Buffet was now under the control of a brand new Head Chef. This perked my interest, were others as dissatisfied as we had been? Or was this new chef in control back in November when they initially declared an all New Buffet Experience? Either way, we felt inclined to give them one more chance as this week the Buffet is priced at $8.50 per person. Even if it’s mediocre, at that price we will at least get our money’s worth.

We chose Thursday, August 14 as it was listed as Seafood Night. In their full listing Seafood Night will normally be their most expensive presentation. After this week the price will be $16.95 per person. For a Buffet, this is on the high side by a good margin for this area. Regional prices are closer to $10 per person so we expected this to be something special.

The serving was to start at 4 pm, we arrived at 5 pm on the money. Not surprisingly there was a line formed waiting to be seated after all this is Minnesota everyone watches for bargains when it comes to going out for supper. The line weaved along the walls of the Casino and approached the length of a football field.

As this Buffet Restaurant is on the small side, this line wasn’t moving very fast. The price you pay when you come during a promotional event, we patiently waited in line for 1 hour and 15 minutes before we approached the cashier. At that point, the line behind us extended well past our original starting point, pity those who came later then we did.

Once seated, we waited close to 10 minutes for our waitress to take our drink order. Hey, they were busy, we weren’t alarmed by this delay. Heading for the food line we had high expectations and big appetites.

They had plenty of Snow Crab Legs, apparently a favorite as pans were emptying as fast as they were put out. Shrimp was restricted to two varieties, Coconut crusted and brazed in heavy garlic butter along with large Sea Scallops. They also had deep fried Bay Scallops, and some oysters also cooked in a heavy garlic butter coating. Baked salmon and baked White Fish of some sort were also present. As close as I can recall that was pretty much the extent of the Seafood.

I’ve been to Seafood Buffets before, and this didn’t impress me very much. I’ve gotten a more varied selection of Seafood at the local Chinese Restaurant for about $9 ahead, and for them, Seafood is an afterthought adds on to their extensive Chinese menu.

The food was cooked well and tasted good. My main complaint is the lack of variety and lack of imagination. Too many dishes were slathered with a heavy garlic butter oil and just thrown in the oven. Steaming crab legs isn’t cooking in my book, you can hardly screw that up. The Coconut Shrimp was very good, though here again it came prepared from a truck. A quick dip in the deep fryer was all the preparation required.


The dessert table came completely off a truck, cakes and pies stamped out by the dozens. The least they could have done is serve them at room temperature. When still refrigerated there’s no flavor. I had a slice of factory manufactured Red Velvet cake that had absolutely no flavor because it was right out of the cooler.

My wife did state the watermelon was good, served in cubes, it did look good. In fact, they did have an adequate salad bar, and chicken and beef were available in one form each. I had a slice of roast beef that I would have to state was the best item I had in the meal. Not a good statement when it’s supposed to be a SEAFOOD Buffet. With whipped potatoes that I’m 80 percent sure came from a box of flakes and a sort of brown gravy that was on the potent side. Very flavorful, almost to the point of being too much.

Hot vegetables came in two choices, a squash/zucchini medley that wasn’t anything special and fresh green beans served heavily coated with oil. The service was fair. Our waitress did eventually produce a pair of crab crackers about halfway through the meal. As everyone in the place was eating crab, they should have been on every table right at the start. While my wife was going for a second helping, the waitress asked if I wanted more ice tea. I assumed, as my wife’s glass was empty and mine still had a third remaining, that she would bring two glasses. I would have specified though when she asked I had a full mouth of food. Lacking a grasp of the obvious, she returned with only one glass. We shared it as that was the last we saw of our waitress.

In summation how do we rank this Buffet that we have bent over backward to give them the opportunity to show what they can do?

Sorry, we won’t be back. Although this time around the food was at least eatable, they failed to deliver anywhere near what we expected. At the $8.50 we paid, fair enough I can accept it. At the projected $16.95 each which is to be the standard price, they fell terribly short on what I would expect for that kind of money. You guy really needs to try harder.

Video Blackjack – A Profitable Casino Game

Electronic Blackjack just as 카지노 사이트 추천 can provide a road to profits in some casinos. Most of the modern games are a multi-player electronic game that can seat six (sometimes five), players. These new games simulate the use of six decks in the play, and the cards are shuffled after every hand.

There is variation in rules stored in each computer that powers the games, so each game may offer a different percentage of return to the player. The criteria that the computer uses in the game are in plain sight on the machine.

With an average game, the casino maintains an edge of .48 percent. That is, for every $10 put into the machine, with average luck and perfect play by the participant, the casino will keep 4.8 cents. There are variations to the game that can raise and/or lower that percentage. Such things as late surrender and double anytime are common rules that would decrease the casino edge when properly applied by the player. With these two rules, the casino edge is reduced to .18 percent (that’s 1.8 cents per $10 wagered).

It is important to the player that they become proficient in Blackjack. Learning basic strategy is paramount. There is nothing wrong with creating a handheld guide to playing using a basic strategy. You can carry that paper to the casino and use it to help make decisions.

Most casinos have connected these Blackjack machines to their player’s card clubs. Many of these clubs rebate to the player a percentage of the money played in the machine. One of the casinos I frequent rebates .0025 (.25 percent). For every $400 – that’s 400 hands at $1 a hand – the casino rebates $1.

This rebate turns perfect play on the machine from a loser of .18 percent to the casino to a winner of .07 percent (.0007) to the player.

Experience has shown that depending upon the number of players at a machine, there are about 100 hands an hour. This can be raised by playing multiple hands or by playing while smaller crowds are in the casino.

Playing blackjack on an electronic machine with average conditions at $5 a hand would result in a win of 35 cents an hour ($5 x 100 hands x .0007). Speeding up the game and betting at higher limits provide a higher profit. $25 a hand on three hands would provide a profit of $5.25 an hour.

In addition to the cashback aspect of player’s clubs, the casinos normally offer complimentary to players that reach certain levels of play. Each casino differs to some extent on its rules, but it would not be uncommon to expect to receive offers of free rooms, free meals and free entertainment for playing three or four hours a day for several days at this level of betting. A player should inquire at the player’s club or ask a casino host for particulars after establishing some record by playing for a few hours.

As always, however, actual results could vary dramatically from the .0007 percent advantage. A good run of luck could have the player winning seven or eight hands out of 10 and showing a tremendous profit. A bad run of luck could have the playing losing seven or eight hands out of 10 and showing a devastating loss. The percentage is an “over the long haul” number and the more the game is played perfectly, the closer the player (and the casino) will be to reaching the calculated percentage.

Sugar House Casino Good Or Bad For Philadelphia?

On September 23rd the Sugar House Casino opened in Philadelphia on 1001 North Delaware Avenue after years of delay. The opening of this casino, however, did not come without controversy. City and state officials who wanted the casino to be built argued that the casino will not only bring needed jobs to Philadelphia but it will also increase the tax revenue to both the city and state. They also argued that the casino will attract more people to come to Philadelphia which will in turn further improve the city’s and state’s economy. However, not everybody is pleased with the casino opened up in Philadelphia. This group calling itself Casio-Free Philadelphia cites the problems associated with casinos such as increased crime, kids being left in cars, more gambling addicts and alcoholics (Gather, 2019). Both the city and state officials and Casino-Free Philadelphia have good points but which has better points? Additionally, there were people that were for and against the opening of this casino creating a lot of hype in the area. 먹튀검증 was an online alternative that was suggested but the community was divided into groups already.

I understand the concerns raised by Casino-Free Philadelphia. There will be more crimes such as robberies, assaults, and thieves. I can imagine criminals waiting outside to rob somebody who just won at the slots or at the tables. Philadelphia has responded to these concerns by increasing police patrols but the question I have is how long will the increased presence last? Philadelphia might decrease the patrols to normal levels citing budget concerns. I can also understand the group’s concern about more alcoholics and gambling addicts especially gambling addicts. In the past, people with a gambling addiction in Philadelphia had to travel outside the city to places such as Atlantic City to gamble but now since the casino is in the city they could gamble more which will, in turn, make their addiction worse.

While I understand the concerns of Casino-Free Philadelphia, I believe that the casino is worth building in Philadelphia despite the drawbacks. So far casino officials did what they promised: they brought over 900 jobs to Philadelphia and they donated money to local causes. The casino also makes that part of Philadelphia more attractive because before the casino was built all that was there was a big empty, ugly and trashy lot. City officials need to not only do something with the big empty lots that are Philadelphia but it also needs to find a way to beautify the city in order not only to keep up with other more modern cities but also to attract more tourists. I’m glad somebody did

Crime will increase but the same people who would rob people for their gambling winnings would have robbed people whether or not they won money from a casino or not. As far as the alcohol and gambling problems while I feel sorry for these people they have a choice to drink or gamble or nor. To me, it is not the casino’s fault if they waste their life away because it is the person’s responsibility to stop gambling and drinking. Due to these reasons, I believe this city needs this casino for its future.

Can You Consistently Make Money Betting at the Horse Races?

Can you consistently make money betting at the horse races? Probably not, but it is possible as evidenced by the thousands of railbirds who spend their lives and fortunes searching for the next “sure thing”. To make money consistently betting on horse races requires much skill and knowledge, and believe it or not, luck does not have much to do with success at the track. Making money consistently betting on horse races is a delicate balance of horse knowledge, money management, self-control, and patience. If one of those components is missing or out of balance, you have no chance of winning regularly and are destined to join the millions of losers at the horse tracks. This is where you can take help from dominoqq online which is an online betting platform that will also help you in improving your skills with different simulations and practical tips. This way you get to improve your skills and improve your winnings. 

Before attempting to make regular and consistent winnings at the horse races, honestly assess what skills you personally have that would allow your betting choices to make a profit. At the least, do you know how to read and understand a racing program, including “reading between the lines”? A horse racing program is an incredibly valuable tool to a gambler, however, wagers should not be solely based upon the information contained within them. If you have a good eye and specific knowledge of horse physiology, just looking at a horse warming up before a race can speak volumes of the mental and physical state of a particular horse. In a sense, horses are similar to people, in that they have days when they don’t feel like going to work either and show up just to go through the motions and lose. Knowing the warning signs of a horse that is having an apathetic day can save a ton of money on what would otherwise be certain losing bets.

The aspects of money management and patience in betting at the horse races cannot be stressed nearly enough to anyone attempting to win consistently. Never place a bet on a horse just for the sake of making a wager. Have a plan, and approach gambling at the horse races as a business. While betting on and viewing horse races is a fun endeavor, approach it as the serious proposition that it is – that is real, the hard-earned money you are losing. To bet larger amounts of money on favorites that have a low return on investment is a certain recipe for disaster at the horse track. While favorites do tend to win more often than long shots, the odds of a horse should only be used to determine the size of your bet, not the horse you choose to bet on. Always, always bet on the horse you think has the best chance to perform well, regardless of the odds.

8/4 Mlb News: A-Rod And Poker

I thought Alex Rodriguez was just about done with his shenanigans, and then this came up. We’ve always known that A-Rod has had some gambling problems- namely poker- but this is the farthest it’s ever gone. He was in trouble with the league for gambling in 2005, and then he held a charity poker game. The current allegations against Rodriguez are far more serious with this incident.

Bud Selig has definitely had enough of A-Rod’s circus in the past few years, and this is just another major headache for the commissioner. It’s a known fact that Rodriguez is going to be suspended, but the question really is the length of his suspension. Because he’s done this before, I suggest that Rodriguez is suspended for the same length as players who take PEDs; 50 days.

The punishment stated above is fair for both parties. Selig needs to come up with a Stern- geddit- punishment here, not only because Rodriguez needs to be punished, but also because Selig has a reputation for being weak in his rulings for the most part. This is his chance to make a big statement, and this is, of course, if A-Rod really did take part in these celebrity poker games.

I realize that playing poker isn’t a serious offense, but A-Rod ignored Stern warnings from Selig about his involvement in gambling in 2005. He was told not to play poker again, but Rodriguez did not listen. Maybe 50 games is a little harsh, but it would be sweet revenge for Selig. I mean, it’s not like A-Rod doesn’t deserve it for all he’s done in the last ten years or so.

Jacoby Ellsbury’s second straight walk-off hit- for a home run no less- has people buzzing about his MVP case. I think Ellsbury’s been the third best player in the AL this season, but he hasn’t been the best player on his team. No, that honor belongs to Dustin Pedroia. Not only has he hit well, but he’s been incredible in the field. I can’t even begin to describe how well he’s been in the field though. My MVP has to be Jose Bautista just over Pedroia, because he was mashing at the beginning of the season. He’s still going strong, and his numbers resemble Bonds’s in the early 2000s. Nobody wants to pitch to him.

As for the NL, I still think Jose Reyes has been slightly better than Matt Kemp. CC Sabathia has been outstanding this season, and he and Roy Halladay are unquestionably the two Cy Young winners. Guys like Justin Verlander have had great seasons, but no pitcher can touch the dominance of Sabathia and Halladay this season. In relation, if you want to play some of the best gambling games online, you may try Pkv Games where you can find wide variety of gambling related games.