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May 13, 2024

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The Power Of Choice In Online Casino Games

May 13, 2024

The power of choice reigns supreme in the bustling realm...

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Latest Posts

Gamblers Anonymous: What They Don’t Tell You

Forget about the guidelines of how Gamblers Anonymous was started or how well it works, hear it from someone that has actually attended these meetings before. What you think you know or believe this group to be may be different than what actually happens. Don’t get me wrong there are a few things that can be taken personally from going to G.A. meetings, unfortunately its not all peaches n’ cream either. Pkv is the gambling server that will provide pleasant experience to the players. The gambling will be done with great enjoyment and security. The smart mobile phones will be compatible for playing of the games through the server.

Walking into a room for the first time can be quite overwhelming. Many others in the room sitting around a round table ready for the newbie to sit down and tell there story. In the meantime if you have a spouse they sit amongst each other in a separate room discussing the effects that gambling has entrenched their lives. Yes it is not a pleasant thing to go through, but we haven’t even started the discussions yet which whew your definitely on the chopping block.

After you have introduced yourself a list of 17 different things that you must read off and tell whether it is true that you had thought like this before or not. On this list you will read off things like “I have thought about stealing to gamble” or “I thought about suicide” and other things of this nature. if you say no to any of them not only the leader of the group, but everyone else looks at you like your a complete liar which pretty much makes it pointless to say no to anything.

So then people start going around the table telling their story of how they became addicted to gambling and how it seriously affected not only their own lives but their loved ones as well. It was quite sad to hear the majority of stories and after the mentally draining session everyone goes outside whether to smoke a cigarette or just get out of the building and get some fresh air (lol, isn’t that an oxy-moron) but what started as a session to get rid of your gambling addictions became a side session about how much money people had won on numerous occasions. By the time we were finished outside everyone pretty much felt like jumping into a van and heading to the closest casino or something. It was so weird that I can not even put into words what I was actually feeling except that I couldn’t wait to get the heck out of there.

Then of course we get back inside and start talking about God and praying about our situations, but the whole time in the back of my mind I am thinking about how all these people were so different while we were in the meeting and then talking like we were at a casino the next. So needless to say the first session went absolutely horrible and I really didn’t want to go back. However I did try again with the same results and then that was it, I never returned.

Oh, I almost forgot about the hot lines that are available and 800 numbers you can call whenever you are feeling like gambling. Since the meetings didn’t work I tried to go this route, and I laugh about it now but when I called the number I kid you not no one answered. I was confused, but I called the same number 4 times with no one ever answering on the other end. Lol, Thank goodness it wasn’t a suicide hotline, although I am told that people with gambling problems can have suicidal tendencies.

I haven’t gambled in quite awhile, and if I could pass one thing on that I did take from these meetings it would be that having an addiction to gambling is an incurable disease. You can only hope to control and in order to do that you must find something else to take up your time, keep your mind busy. For me its writing and fantasy sports leagues in football and baseball. The only thing I give money to today is the NCAA March Madness brackets. $5 for a month worth of action, thats what I call control, lol. Anyways thats what I have done for the past 3 years and if only one person gets a little help from this article then it was well worth writing. Until Next Time………………

The Half Point Mystery Revealed

Without a shadow of a doubt, the half point is the most critical line number in all of sports betting. A simple half point can make or break your bet – meaning the fine line between bulging pockets flush with newly earned cash or a plummeting bankroll. All savvy sportsbook bettors utilize numbers as part of their wagering arsenal and use it to their advantage. The whole concept of teasers (a betting game where you can ¨buy¨ points to increase the likelihood of your team covering the spread) is based on the half point philosophy. Why is the half point so important?

For starters, how many times have you sat through a close game? In the ¨down the wire¨ sport of professional football, so many games are decided on a 3 point field goal, it´s uncanny. Numerical data dating back a decade has proven that most football games are decided by a close margin. As a matter of fact, a whopping 15% of more than 600 professional football games played throughout the course of the 90´s have been decided at a 3 point margin. This might not seem like much, but take in consideration that 34% of 600 professional football games have been decided by 10 points or less! Using this valuable information, deciding whether to purchase the half point or not is a critical decision. Buying the half point could mean the difference between a push, a win, or a loss.

It is generally considered risky to buy half points as they are not necessarily safe bets where you have more often than not lose out and the chances of winning are very less and you are left in a dilemma where you always ponder where can I find both teams to score tips?

Sometimes, you don´t even need to buy the half point. By shopping lines, you can have an added half point thrown in for you at the sportsbook with the best odds. However, you might need to buy an extra half point no matter what sportsbook you use. How do you go about purchasing the half point? For starters, we already know that most bets require that you slap down $10 to win $9, netting the sportsbook 10% of your winnings in case they lose. When you exercise the option to buy the half point, you thrown down $11 to win $9. Will you gain added security by throwing down an extra dollar? This is where your judgment comes into play.

Analyze numerical data (if you like to go the extra mile) to determine how often your team wins by a half point, 2 points, 3 points, or more. Has your team been blowing out teams left and right with 14 point and 21 point wins due to a high octane offense, or have they barely escaped close games? If your team is ranked No. 1 in the league in offense, will you buy the half point if they´re facing the team with the 21st ranked offense? By taking into consideration this information, you will be best informed over your half point buying decision. Remember, sports betting is all about working the numbers. Buying the half point can pad you bet with added security, or it may cost you a couple of dollars for nothing. Seasoned veterans usually tell you to go with your gut instinct. How many times have you wished you bought the half point after a close loss? Proper research is key.

Fast And Easy Valentine’s Day Gifts For Classroom Parties: Free Printables

You want to be the type of parent who makes crafts with their child, but just can’t stand the mess, or you waited until the night before the classroom Valentine’s Day party and need something NOW.

Luckily, there are several Valentine’s Day printables that can serve as a lifesaver for a frantic parent. As long as your printer works, these can fill in in a pinch.

Valentine’s Day Rings. Easy, inexpensive and impressive, these paper rings are printed onto regular copy paper, or cardstock, cut out and then rolled. The longest part of making these is the cutting, but that can be delegated! Slip one end into the notch on the other to hold in place. Perfect to give out at a classroom Valentine’s Day party, or church celebration. The rings can be used as an inexpensive party favor or prize as well.

Valentine’s Day Pencil toppers. Teachers can hand out Valentine’s Day pencils with a Valentine greeting attached. As both a mother of four and a teacher, I have know the pressure holidays bring. Simply print these pencil toppers on sheets of white cardstock, cut out and wrap around a special pencil. Kids can use these as a Valentine card as well.

Temporary Tattoos or Stickers. This needs a little preplanning, but if you have a craft store or office supply store nearby, it will work! It may even be helpful to order online and stock up for the next holiday here; Each printable page on this handout has owls, peacocks, frogs and pigs and turtle cartoon images in special Valentine-style. Fourteen images a page. Excellent Valentine’s Day party prize or party favor, these tattoos also make a fun Valentine’s Day gift to go along with a box of conversation hearts or sucker.

Animal Cards: Templates for 21 different animal designed Valentine’s Day mini cards ( like the ones you could have purchased in the store, if you were planning ahead!) These are much less expensive, different than everyone else’s in the classroom…and customizable. The templates can be printed in either color, or black and white. If you choose the black and white, your children can color the cards in themselves and feel a part of the gift giving experience.

Cute Mini Cards. Best way to describe this mini cards from Activity Village. Free, printables with simply cute Valentine’s day designs. Let your child help cut them out, add some finishing touches and sign and they are good to go.

Don’t forget to raid your pantry or grab a bag of suckers at a convienent shop or 24 store to tape to the cards. A five pack of gum also works well, separate the packages into individual sticks and the cards are done. Are you planning a casino night party for valentine’s day? Well, that is no longer needed as these simple tips for a classroom party will definitely suffice. 

Review of FireKeepers Casino in Battle Creek, Michigan

If you’re looking for a casino that is friendly and has a lot of options then FireKeepers is the place you should visit. FireKeepers is located in Battle Creek, Michigan and it’s defiantly worth the drive in my opinion. It’s located right off the freeway, so for those who get lost a lot, no worries here. This place is even better than 먹튀 which is located close to this location. 

My grandma is the one who got me started on casinos. She took me to my first casino in Canada when I turned 19. Years later, she still loves to head to casinos and lately I have started getting back into it. When I was younger, I liked going, but preferred to spend my money in other places. Now that I am older, I am starting to like going out with her and head to the casino. My grandfather passed away a few months ago, so my grandmother has been going a little more often to pass away the time. Since my grandfather was her casino buddy, I have stepped in and taken the place on occasions.

It takes us around 2 hours to drive to FireKeepers casino and while some say we are crazy since we are located basically 20 minutes from Detroit which is home to 3 other casinos we like it. We are not what you would call high rollers, so we don’t go with a lot of cash. We spend most of our time at the penny machines, but it works for us. Driving to FireKeepers helps kill some of the day for us and we like it.

FireKeepers is not as big as your other casinos may be. There are not several different floors. There is one large floor and that’s what you get. I find this better because you have more people on each machine because they don’t have a lot of other places to go. I think the machines are spaced out better then most casinos as well because they have to get more creative.

They have lots of choices when it comes to different machines as well. They have some older machines which people love and they have a lot of newer machines as well. You will find 78 table games, over 2680 slot machines, Progressive games, Video Poker and Bingo with a progressive Jackpot.

They have 5 different places you can eat at. The café 24/7 which offers you a relaxing place to eat quickly so you can get back to the games. They offer you things like sandwiches and soups. Nibi which is your more upscale place to eat. They feature and elegant bar and an exceptional menu. Chi Mon-ee’s food court which is like any other typical food court. The amazen blazen grab and go is another place where you can get your food quick. Then there is my personal favorite the Mijem Buffet which is open for lunch and dinner and it’s all buffet style.

Mijem Buffet is the only place I have eaten at both times I have been to this casino. I love the buffet style restaurants, so this is the one that I stick with. This buffet has different sections for each cuisine. You will find seafood, Asian food, Italian food, American food and of course the dessert. All of their desserts are hand made from scratch. Let me recommend their chocolate moose cake. It’s something you will crave the minute you leave.

Spots: A Unique Gambling Game For Your Home Poker Night

Home poker nights have become very popular in recent years thanks to the popularity of the World Series Of Poker and other poker events on cable television. Here’s a game you can introduce to your group that involves gambling, and is a good change of pace for the evening. The game has some aspects of seven card stud included in it, at least in the way the cards are dealt. Meanwhile it also borrows part of the theme from blackjack. The goal of this game called “40 spots” is to have the closest total to 40 out of your opponents, without going over. 

The game as stated above would be dealt in a similar manner to seven card stud poker. Everyone would start out with having two cards dealt to them face down, and one card face up. The trick of the game is not all of the cards will count towards your spot total of 40 and some will give you special options. The only cards that would count toward the total of 40 would be Aces (one spot) through tens (ten spots). Kings, Queens, and Jacks would all give the person who is dealt them a special ability. 



If you were dealt a Jack, you had the ability to immediately discard one of your cards from your hand, including your hole cards, so they would not count towards your spot total. If you were dealt a Queen, you would have the ability to discard any face up card from your the hand or any opponent you choose. Finally, if you are dealt a King you could use it to do one of two things. You would put it in front of a face up card in your hand or an opponent’s hand. This would make that face card the negative value of the number instead of the positive. If at some point that face up card was discarded using a queen, both the king and the face up card would be discarded. 

Betting would be a little different in this game but the gameplay of them is similar to which has free and paid both category of gambling games; the free ones are specially made available for the beginners to understand about the how to play all. There would actually not be betting until the last round when you receive your seventh card as a face down card. Until then, the amount you put into the pot would be determined by the card you were dealt. You would choose three chip values, a low value, middle value, and high value. For the cards A through 3 and 8 through ten the pay into the pot would be the low chip value. For the cards four through seven the pay would be the medium chip. Finally, for the honor cards you would have to pay the largest chip value into the pot. You would have the option to fold at any point that you wished as well and stop receiving cards, but you would be unable to win the hand as well. 



This game is sort of unique, as I have designed it to have the play aspects of poker, but the goal similar to blackjack. The reason the low and high spot cards would be the cheapest is they could possibly be the least useful for the player as they could either bust them or keep their total too low. This is a game that is meant as a change of pace for you to play during your poker night with your friends. Give it a shot, and let me know what you think of it. Of course the game can be played without a pot as well, or for point values instead of real money if you prefer to play it on it’s on and not part of a home poker night. 

Foxwoods Resort Casino’s Grand Pequot Tower Hotel – Worth the Splurge

Foxwoods really seems as though it is out of place because of its location. You drive through the pretty Connecticut countryside (after getting out of dingy Bridgeport if you take the ferry), and then you see this amazing structure appearing out of nowhere. It’s a large ivory structure with a bright green roof. Truth be told, it is absolutely beautiful.

The hotel and resort is relatively new. It was built as a bingo hall in 1986, and has been expanding ever since. The Grand Pequot Tower was the first hotel are to be built at Foxwoods, followed by the Great Cedar Hotel. If you are a member of the Wampum Club, you can earn free hotel stays in either section.

But, this review is about the Grand Pequot Tower.

The Grand Pequot Tower is very easy to get to. You just park for free in the parking structure, and make your way into the large entrance of Foxwood’s. There you are! Only a few short steps away from the lobby and registration area. Or, if you don’t want to walk, you can always use the free valet parking service… I prefer the parking structure, just because I like to know where my car is at all times. If you take the bus, you’re dropped off downstairs and have to make your way upstairs and across the casino to the lobby area.

The lobby is stunning. It is ENORMOUS with a beautiful fountain and high ceilings. There are a few chairs and benches around to sit while your party is checking in, if you don’t want to stand with them. It’s just a very aesthetically pleasing area to be. And so clean, too!

Speaking of check-in, it was a snap. We requested 2 double beds for our room, and they had no problem obliging. They were very helpful and friendly at the front desk. Foxwood’s has a wonderful staff, to say the very least.

The room was ENORMOUS. I couldn’t believe that it was a “normal” room. All of the rooms are either deluxe rooms or suites. The room had a lot of amenities, too: a safe, plenty of closet space (and I do mean PLENTY), a large dresser, cable TV, coffee maker, digital temperature system (inside and outside), the list goes on and on. Of course, you have to pay for whatever you remove from the mini-fridge. It’s digital, too, so you can’t even take anything out to examine it without being charged.

The bathroom was a really nice size, too. There were lots of towels (I use at least 2 when I take a shower: one for my body and one of my hair), excellent water pressure and temperature, a hair dryer, and, of course, Foxwoods toiletries. (I love those!!)

Since we were all playing Bingo and wanted to get our gambling in for the brief 2 days and one night that we were there, none of us experiences the spa, salon, or pool. There are plenty of places to eat in the casino level of Foxwoods. I highly recommend the Festival Buffet, which has all sorts of food. And, they make the BEST clam chowder that I have ever had. We always go to the Festival Buffet, whether we are staying overnight or not.

Our favorite pastime was to search for situs judi qq online terpercaya so as to make our time more enjoyable as there is nothing better that we can find to do and so therefore we consulted each other and sought the advice of the experts in the casino who are natural players and learnt some new tricks of the trade.

Since my mom is a member of the Wampum Club, our room only ran $80 for a Saturday night. Apparently, we saved $120… That’s right. A room on a Saturday night could run you $200. I don’t think it’s worth 200 a night, but I would definitely shell out $80 to stay there. Join the Wampum Club so that you can stay!

Checking out is easy. You can do it from your room via express video checkout, but we all prefer checking out with a live person. Like check-in, it was quick, easy, and pleasant.

Overall, staying at Foxwoods is terrific and definitely worth it. If you’re willing to spend a pretty penny, than this is definitely the place for you. If not, there are some less-expensive hotels in the area, but they’re definitely not as nice at the Grand Pequot Tower. Join the Wampum club and use the discounts they give you.

Your Clothes And Poker

Poker is a game of image and deception. Even through it’s rough history, poker will always remain a game of class, even with the recent blow-up of Texas Hold Em in rural and suburban areas as well as on television, so when you cash in next time you go to the casino, do you even think about what you’re wearing, and how that affects how people view you and your game?

This is America, you don’t need to be dressed up to play cards in a casino like Europe, but does this mean you should go in wearing ripped jeans, a t-shirt, and sunglasses? If this makes you feel comfortable, then sure, but you should know that some of the sharks hanging around will view you as nothing but a casual player, there to win or lose a small amount, but generally be there to have a good time. This is fine if you actually can play your cards, as you’ll be a little bit of a sleeper around with guys who may look more polished or serious then yourself.

Poker is no easy game to play but at the same time it can be learned quickly as all you need to have is a bit of focus and strategy in order to beat your opponent. It is quite astonishing to note that the greatest players seem unconquerable but do meet their match in some underdog who proves to be a shade bit better.

Keep an eye out for young guys or teenagers (I live and gamble in Minnesota, where our gambling age is 19) wearing poker themed slogan t-shirts with sayings like “Big Slick” or “I’ve Got the Nuts”. Although these may impress their friends who have nothing to do with the game other than watching the WPT once, all it does to a table full of skilled players is scream “I’m a beginner player.” Again, if you’re actually not just a beginner, maybe throwing that “I’ve got bullets” shirt on will throw some play your way.

Keep an eye out for small emblems or logos on clothing that represent poker brands. These could either be brands that this player actually likes, or more importantly, he may be a sponsered player, either way meaning he has invested time and money into learning the game and is probably an extremely skilled player. If you want to get into a pot with these guys, you’d better make damn sure you know how to play your cards.

Again, people who feel the need to dress up to play poker are probably either extremely serious and talented players, or people just trying to act that way. It shouldn’t take too many hands to seperate the wheat from the chaff with these players. Even if their game isn’t completely watertight great, I must admit, I always respect a player who will sit down in designer sunglasses, a suit, and a tie.

Women! A great display of cleavage or generally just looking attractive has switched many a male player’s concentration to the female from his hand. Use this trick wisely!

This bring us to the subject of sunglasses. People wear sunglasses in poker to try to eliminate tells from the eyes, just like people wear hats to somewhat eliminate facial tells. I personally wear sunglasses (a pair of highly reflective Aviators), because I can somewhat hide in my own little world. I still converse and table talk, but I can sit right there and stare at a players face the whole hand, and they will have no clue where my eyes are. They didn’t glance down at the flop, turn, or river, they had been watching the player to my right the whole time. It feels good when you have someone under complete surveillance, but make sure your glasses aren’t too dark so you can misread a card or the color of a chip. Poker pro Phil Ivey recalls throwing a pair of thousand dollar sunglasses away after he misread a river and lost a $100,000 pot.

Now to tell you all what I wear to the casino or cardroom. I’m only 19, so I’m consistently the young guy at the table. I’m a kid, but I know my way around a poker table and a 4/8 or 2/10 game of Hold Em, so usually I dress up a little which is something my younger peers very rarely do. It’s easy to disrespect the lousy kid with the Metallica t-shirt on throwing chips around left and right and then remarking to what happened when Esfandiari had that hand last week on the WPT. I dress up to seperate myself a little bit, usually wearing my signature Aviators, unkept curly hair under a Guiness cap, button up long sleeved shirt, comfortable khakis or jeans, and either my work shoes or Converse All-Stars. This shows that I am fun and cocky, but I did think to throw on something that looks presentable before sitting down to play.

Take these tips as they are and think about what you’re wearing before heading to the cardroom! See ya at the tables.

If Your Looking for a Great Casino Experience in Henderson NV, Then Sunset is the Best Bet!

I came to Las Vegas for the first time in December of 1994. I was amazed at the wonderful strip feel that left you looking for the next big thing. From the volcano at the Mirage to the pirate show at the Treasure Island, there were so many things to pull your attention to those big places. I not only found excitement while visiting Vegas, I found love. I moved to Henderson Nevada, right outside of Las Vegas. It wasn’t until I became a local that I found the real treasures that Nevada had hidden away: local driven casinos where we who live here take our friends and family that come to visit.

The biggest provider of the local experience is Station Casino’s. They have a number of properties all over the valley. Their big draw is an experience that offers you anything you could want…from great food to concerts and bingo – these are the places that you are going to find something for everyone! Most of them are family friendly to the point where they have places specifically for the kids called Kids Quest! There, the little ones can play with other kids, play video games, play dress up, take naps, eat, and run around. And the rates are very affordable. So the kids can do what they love to do while mom and dad go about finding their own version of fun! Aside from the movie theaters and great restaurants, Station Casino’s offers bingo all day long, great slot machine’s and table games. Everything you could possibly want from Black Jack to Let it Ride, your going to find a game that you love.

My personal favorite Station Casino is Sunset Station, located on Sunset Road in Henderson, NV because it supports the gameplay of daftar situs casino online which is my most favorite casino website. This is where I take my mom when she comes to visit because she loves bingo and slot machines and I know that no matter what we are doing, she is going to find something she likes to do there. They have a slot club that offers lots of great perks like dinning discounts, bingo discounts, room discounts and more. They also offer lots of ways to use the points you earn while playing with the slot cards. I can take my kids there to see a movie, bowl, go to dinner, or swim! They are as nice as can be and do what they can to make your experience perfect.

Everyone needs a vacation and in these hard economic times it isn’t so easy to afford one. So, if your thinking about coming to Vegas and want to get the most for your money, consider skipping the strip, go local and get more out of your time here! Check them out at

You can rent a car and visit the strip to see the sights, but when it comes to having real fun – go local!

My Review of Mohican North Star Casino

Wisconsin has quite a few casinos to choose from, but my favorite (and where I seem to win most of the time) is North Star Mohican Casino and Resort in Bowler, Wisconsin. As someone who really loves to enjoy the bandar casino online, I don’t think this will come as much of a surprise. North Star is located at W12180 County Road A. It is a little bit of a loop around getting there on the back roads of the country but most casinos are in Wisconsin.

A few years back North Star casino was located in an older, small not very appealing to the eye building attached to a large odd shaped dome. Since then they have remodeled into an up to date casino with a hotel in the same area where the old building was. As you walk into the lobby the atmosphere give you the adrenaline rush to gamble. A large chandelier hangs from the middle of the ceiling, tiles with dark decorative designs fill the floor, and signs and lit up lights point you in the direction to the hotel, casino, restaurants and hotel hang from above.

The newly built hotel offers its’ guests 97 non-smoking rooms that overlook the beautiful Wisconsin Northwoods, which is naturally a beautiful site to see. If you would rather travel and stay in your RV, they also offer a full service RV park that features 57 sites year round that you can park at.

For the restaurants at North Star, unfortunately I am not impressed with any of them. I have been to each of them a few times thinking things will get better and they have not for the last few years.

The Longhouse is their sit down fancier restaurant that offers menu items like wild gulf shrimp, pan fried walleye, braised pork shank, chicken and eggplant and much more. Every time we have eaten here they haven’t been extremely busy but our food always takes about 45 minutes to an hour to come out. Then when we do eat, it has been a little on the cold side and not much on the plate for the price that you pay. That is just my opinion and some of the friends that go with me though; I have heard others say they really like it.

The Grove is their sports bar and offers bar food like burgers, wings, hot dogs, pizzas, and chicken tender baskets. Here it is usually busy and loud due to the stage that features weekly entertainers. The food comes out quick but there really are not a lot of great choices on the menu. I guess I expected more unique/personalized food items.

Deli-licious is probably my top choice out of all of the restaurants and they just serve an average Deli menu. They have salads like egg, tuna, chicken, or Chef. There “all about dog” section features about 5 different styles of hot dogs, which are all really tasty. Then they also offer a variety of wraps, subs and sandwiches. When I go here I usually get the Supporting Actor Wrap which is turkey, provolone, onion, lettuce and ranch dressing in a tomato basil wrap with a cup of roadhouse chili, which I admit is really good. But when they deli restaurant is your best option for a restaurant that is pretty sad in my opinion. If I am staying overnight somewhere, I like to have the option of a good sit down restaurant to relax in at night and have a great dinner.

For just a quick pick me up snack for those with a sweet tooth they have the Aroma Caf©. Here they feature French pastries, cupcakes, cheese cakes, sweet breads and other desserts. They also serve different kinds of Tea, coffee and specialty mochas.

For entertainment they book a lot of popular acts, I have noticed mainly Country acts though. You are able to buy tickets in advance or at the ticket counter when you get there if any tickets are left.

For slots machines they offer their guests over 1,000 penny, nickel, quarter, and dollar slots. They also have $5, $10, or $25 slots for the high rollers.

For table games they offer Blackjack, Craps, Let It Ride, Roulette and Three Card Poker. For you poker players out there this is the perfect casino for that! They a poker room featuring six tables with Texas Hold Em, Omaha and Seven Card Stud poker. The room is really spacious and nice. A lot of the poker rooms I have played in at casinos are small and cramped, not this one.

It the center of the casino is a cool retro round bar. Circling around the outer side of the bar are glass tables with chairs to relax and enjoy a drink. Neon lights and glass shelves with liquor stocked on them decorate the area. Two thumbs up on the retro looking bar! It really adds to the atmosphere of the casino.

Overall usually when I go to Bowler I come out ahead or only a little bit in the negative. The slots seem to do very well for me and the group I go with. I thoroughly enjoy gambling here because of the fun variety of slots they offer, all of the different table games and the friendly staff. The food though as I said before does not rate high on my list at this point, but I am there to try to make money and have fun more than eating. The hotel rooms are clean, cheap, and decorated nicely! Next time you are in the area of Bowler Wisconsin, make the few extra miles on the back roads and check out Mohican North Star casino. Hopefully you can walk out rich!

Spas, Food And Gaming Make Mountaineer Gaming Resort And Race Track A Great Casino

As an active traveler to various casinos around the East Coast, I have found that some of the ones that “stand alone” make for a better weekend getaway in comparison to multi-casino areas. I have been to the larger, more broad attractions, such as Atlantic City. However, it seems that from being anxious to see as many casinos as possible during a weekend visit, it became more busy than enjoyable.

Mountaineer Gaming Resort and Race Track is the perfect solution for a weekend getaway for folks on the East Coast. Located in a smaller West Virginia town is a huge casino, resort and hotel, entertainment theater and a separate facility for the horse racing. Currently, within the main casino, there are quite a few dining areas to accommodate everyone. You have the “fancy” steak house, which costs about $40 (at the least) for a plate, but is a great choice to spoil that special someone. You have the marketplace with is a basic sandwich and pretzel joint located in the heart of the casino. There is the famous buffets which you see in almost every casino, and lastly the “Great Gatsby” which is a typical restaurants with a romantic atmosphere, but less costly prices.

With over 300 hotel rooms and food accommodations to suit everyone’s needs, there are also spa stores and spa activities that make for some nice family activities. With a long weekend planned, it is the perfect time to get yourself that facial and massage before you hit the slot machines. If this is a family oriented vacation, there are plenty of activities over the weekends, in the “Harv”, such as professional boxing matches, concerts, comedy acts (just recently Howie Mandell was the performer), and the $10,000 big time bingo. Did I mention the large Luxurious Pool peeking out from the casino windows? Room service is also a must.

In most cases, if you are visiting a gaming resort, you are there to test out the gambling facilities than some of you have definitely have tried, games that are true virtual copy of land based casinos.

Not only are there live horse races and a separate casino on the “track side”, but you will find that the Mountaineer casino is rather large, as if it were part of the Atlantic City Strip. Currently, Slot machines and horse betting are the only means of gambling at the resort, but within the next month, table games will be added to both facilities. These will include all of your Vegas favorites, to complete the total casino effect. With 1000’s of slot machines, million dollar progressives, horse betting, live entertainment and money giveaways, and the newest addition of table games, Mountaineer has raised the bar for it’s East Coast competitors. Although Celine Dion may not be performing in the master ballroom, this Casino is not too shabby for being located in a State, less known for being casino friendly. This is one I definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys to gamble, and besides, you just never know when you will see “Elvis” jump on stage and rock the house (Celine Dion becomes easily forgotten).