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Racism and Sexism on Xbox 360 and Xbox Live

My husband purchased an Xbox 360 not long ago. We liked the graphics, ease of use, and overall gameplay. Over time, we bought a variety of different games including; Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row, Halo, Call of Duty, etc. We loved the fact that there was no longer a need for playing games on our computer in order to get great online gaming experience. Although we still enjoy our poker sessions on Poker Uang Asli that offers really amazing offers when it comes to professional poker. On the other hand, Microsoft has provided us with an awesome alternative. However, over the past few months, things have taken a turn for the worse regarding our online (Xbox Live) experience.

Recently, we got the headset for the console (not required unless you want to talk, otherwise you will still hear other gamers chatting through your television speakers). We thought it would be fun to have one in order to take full advantage of all of the great games that were out. It allows us to speak to people before, during, and after gameplay. However, some people use headsets to harass and demoralize others. On Xbox Live, many gamers (including myself) trash talk. This is completely harmless and it sometimes just happens during gameplay. It is a normal reaction amongst players. Unfortunately, I have been hearing the N-word used a lot. I am a black female and I take offense to this. In Xbox Live, you can file complaints (which have absolutely no effect) or submit a player review. You can also avoid the person if you do not want to play with them. Recently, I went into the Xbox Live forum in order to see if other people were having the same problems. Many people have been addressing this problem but the overall response from other users is to submit a review, ignore, or mute them. I agree to an extent. I make note of who said what and then I do exactly that. Is it enough to merely ignore them? I would be ignoring a portion of the Xbox Live community. Why should my husband and I suffer just because some people act like idiots and say these hurtful things? These things are not isolated incidents. I have encountered people saying the N-word on Halo 3, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, etc. I can not merely sweep this under a rug and say just mute them or avoid them. These utterances demoralize my whole race and something must be done about it. My husband paid over $300.00 for this system and he pays a subscription for the Xbox Live service monthly. Why should we pay to be disrespected?

You are probably wondering why we do not just stop playing it. We paid good money for it in order to play and we will do just that until another system comes out. My question to you is…would you want to listen to this when you have paid your hard-earned money for the system and Xbox Live? Even if you are not a minority, I am sure that you can understand my disgust for this type of behavior. Of course, there are utterances of other derogatory words. the Sword (a derogatory name for Spanish people), etc.

Those who have played on Xbox have also heard profanity, etc. Of course, this is bad, especially when you have kids. However, it does happen sometimes when trash-talking and I myself have accidentally used these words while in gameplay (never toward anyone, but I might have said a profane word when I died in the game or something). Other people have done this and I have not complained about it because these games are not rated for children and it is sometimes expected that adults may say these things while playing. I am not saying that it is right; I am merely saying that I understand how that could happen. I try my best not to use those words at all anymore since my husband kindly reminded me that although these games are not rated for children, they do play sometimes and it is not appropriate around them. I respect that and I have toned it down completely. Also, be aware that many children say these things as well as curse all of the time on Xbox Live.

There is a feature where you can change your status online to only family-friendly rooms. We changed our status to this in order to avoid hearing the N-word in every chat room in every game. However, we hear it just as much here. I just finished playing Call of Duty 4 and I was waiting in the lobby for the game to begin. All I heard several people saying was N@##$n@#$$# N@$%%#!! Of course, I reported them and went through all the steps in Xbox but this is ridiculous. Microsoft has to step up and deal with these people by not allowing them to log on to their online service (Xbox Live). Being called the N-word is much worse than people merely cursing or trash-talking because it is hateful and vulgar. I would never allow my children to play this online (if I had any) because I do not want them to have to hear this when they, like my husband and I, only want to play the games. Of course, you will hear things like these outside and other places but you are not paying money to hear it like on Xbox Live. I hear these things in pretty much every game that we play. The world beats us down enough outside (hateful people, employers, etc.). We bought Xbox 360 and Xbox live in order to get a release and just relax and have fun at the end of a hard day’s work.

Another issue that I encountered was sexism. I was chatting while in the lobby waiting for the game to start and I guy asked me (out of nowhere) “Do you perform good fallacious?” (not quite in those words). I was so very disgusted. Being a female in the game rooms is interesting because some males hear my voice and turn their attention to me. Sometimes it is good and sometimes it is not so good.

Please beware of what you will pay for if and when you buy the Xbox (and Xbox Live). It is much more than what is in your wallet because the irreparable damage caused by many of the things said on Xbox Live will cost you and/or your child much more down the road.

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