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Some Dos And Donts If Youre New To The Game


Take your time to learn about the bookmakers before laying bets with them. Find out about their policies, their odds, their promotions, the speed of payouts, the quality of their customer service… Ask around and check out review sites such as Top10-Betting UK before giving your money to anyone.

Pick one sport in the beginning and stick to it! Spend a lot of time attaining enough knowledge about the rules of the game, its concepts, the players and the team as a whole. Keep up-to-date on all the latest sports news. Make sure it’s a sport you enjoy as well as the whole point of betting is to have fun and relax.

Start small. You must be responsible and ensure that the money you gamble with is money you can afford to lose. When you’re starting off, you are not as experienced as others and have not yet developed your technique. Save the cash for when you’re more sure of yourself and have a greater chance of winning.

Be vigilant, especially when gambling online. Be wary of sites with poor spelling, sloppy designs and no verification or sports sponsorships. Do not share any personal information (even your name and email address) on these sites, as it could potentially be dangerous. Read the terms and conditions!


Don’t fall for “betting tips” as they’re useless and usually come at a cost. Save your money and invest your time and energy into developing your technique instead. These “tips” are usually just marketing schemes to get your details and use them to spam you.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from the bookmakers, friends that bet and experienced gamblers at the betting shop or online. If you are unsure, be open to accepting information from as many sources as possible. Make sure to filter the information you get however and don’t be gullible.

Don’t be greedy – if you’ve won, don’t put down all your winnings on a bet on the same day! Most importantly, do not increase the amount you bet to cover your losses as your judgement may be clouded and you may make a decision you will later regret.

Don’t place a future bet on a sports game when you’re just starting off. The closer the game is, the more information you will have about players injuries, weather conditions or any other factors that could potentially affect the outcome of the game. You have a greater chance of success if you bet sooner to the game.

Don’t put down too many bets at the same time. Take your time to decide what to bet on and how much to spend one at a time so that you can make a clear and well thought-out decision.


So, all these above-mentioned rules are true and are needed to be followed in the game. If not then you might either get disqualified or will lose the match. Also, it remains same in both online and offline mode and also for all types of games and places where people can bet their money. The online casinos like mega888 also sticks to these basics.

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