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Starcraft 2 Zerg Build Order Strategies

Your Zerg build order plan is critical to winning the battle. Winning or losing in battle can be determined by small but vital changes in your Zerg build order. Below are two specific build orders and an overall guide for all your builds. You should figure out your build order tactics based on the layout of the map, the race you are up against, and your opponent’s strategy. Do not forget to scout your enemy as you progress on your build orders. Make sure to review the Zerg Scouting Strategy Guide for top scouting strategies as a Zerg. Make sure to change your build orders depending on what your scouting units find out.

Be certain to pay attention to your macro game as a Zerg. The Zerg’s production capabilities need to be closely monitored, because unlike the other races they produce both workers and fighters from the same resource. For help in getting the highest production out of your workers and maximizing your resource collection, make sure to check out these Zerg Macro Tips. Protoss or Terran races will generally generate worker and combat units at the same time at the start of the battle, while the Zerg race have the ability to focus completely on one or the other. The number of Hatcheries you create and the Larva that come from them eventually become the most significant factor for your build. Be sure to check out this Shokz Guide Review to find out about the best overall Starcraft 2 Guides out there. Just like playing pkv games, Starcraft 2 requires players to be strategic. This will help them be ahead of the competition in the game. Your strategy is what will make you apart from other players. Hence, it is very important that you do your best and keep on playing for more experience so you can formulate sound and effective strategies.

Zerg Build Orders – Safely to Mid-Game

These Zerg build orders will get you past the first part of the game in good position, and can be used vs. any race.

Generally, you should start with 9 Overlord. Nine Overlord is way better for economic development than 10 Overlord or extractor tricks.

At 12, send in your first scouting Drone.

Go with 13 Spawning Pool. This will greatly assist against six pools or Proxy Gates, and should save around five seconds vs. 14 Spawning Pool.

This also means you will be five seconds earlier on ‘ling speed or a baneling nest.

14 Overlord

Save larva

6 Zerglings. It’s important to deploy these early to defend yourself against minor attacks your opponent may throw at you, and you can also win early if they can get into the enemy base.

Drones – take them off of Vespine gas after 100

When you have 20 food, you can create your initial Hatchery and Overlord.

Place drones back on Vespine gas after their first injection larva pops.

You also almost always should generate 2 bases because you can’t generate enough larva with only one hatchery (except for certain maps when battling a Terran opponent). This will make a huge difference for your economy because there is greater efficiency in mining time for each unit.

Zerg Build Order Tactic – Fast Drones

The initial goal of this Zerg build order technique is to get to ten Drones as soon as is feasible.

After you produce the Drones, spawn an Overlord, and then 3 additional Drones, and wait until you max out at 200 minerals.

When you’ve accumulated the 200 minerals, generate a Spawning Pool. The Spawning Pool is a major target your opponent will try for, so be sure to drop it in a place that’s hard to get to. While the Spawning Pool is being generated, get an Extractor up and deposit 3 Drones on it, then continue to build extra Drones until it’s done. Get your Queen out the second the Spawning Pool is done. Then generate some more Drones as well as some Zerglings.

Upgrade your Spawning Pool with the Metabolic Boost when you reach a hundred Vespine gas.

Finally, make a Baneling nest and produce some Banelings for your defenses. Banelings are great at protecting your headquarters and killing off attackers.

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