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Sugar House Casino Good Or Bad For Philadelphia?

On September 23rd the Sugar House Casino opened in Philadelphia on 1001 North Delaware Avenue after years of delay. The opening of this casino, however, did not come without controversy. City and state officials who wanted the casino to be built argued that the casino will not only bring needed jobs to Philadelphia but it will also increase the tax revenue to both the city and state. They also argued that the casino will attract more people to come to Philadelphia which will in turn further improve the city’s and state’s economy. However, not everybody is pleased with the casino opened up in Philadelphia. This group calling itself Casio-Free Philadelphia cites the problems associated with casinos such as increased crime, kids being left in cars, more gambling addicts and alcoholics (Gather, 2019). Both the city and state officials and Casino-Free Philadelphia have good points but which has better points? Additionally, there were people that were for and against the opening of this casino creating a lot of hype in the area. 먹튀검증 was an online alternative that was suggested but the community was divided into groups already.

I understand the concerns raised by Casino-Free Philadelphia. There will be more crimes such as robberies, assaults, and thieves. I can imagine criminals waiting outside to rob somebody who just won at the slots or at the tables. Philadelphia has responded to these concerns by increasing police patrols but the question I have is how long will the increased presence last? Philadelphia might decrease the patrols to normal levels citing budget concerns. I can also understand the group’s concern about more alcoholics and gambling addicts especially gambling addicts. In the past, people with a gambling addiction in Philadelphia had to travel outside the city to places such as Atlantic City to gamble but now since the casino is in the city they could gamble more which will, in turn, make their addiction worse.

While I understand the concerns of Casino-Free Philadelphia, I believe that the casino is worth building in Philadelphia despite the drawbacks. So far casino officials did what they promised: they brought over 900 jobs to Philadelphia and they donated money to local causes. The casino also makes that part of Philadelphia more attractive because before the casino was built all that was there was a big empty, ugly and trashy lot. City officials need to not only do something with the big empty lots that are Philadelphia but it also needs to find a way to beautify the city in order not only to keep up with other more modern cities but also to attract more tourists. I’m glad somebody did

Crime will increase but the same people who would rob people for their gambling winnings would have robbed people whether or not they won money from a casino or not. As far as the alcohol and gambling problems while I feel sorry for these people they have a choice to drink or gamble or nor. To me, it is not the casino’s fault if they waste their life away because it is the person’s responsibility to stop gambling and drinking. Due to these reasons, I believe this city needs this casino for its future.

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