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Tale of Two Manny Pacquiaos in One Generation

Any sport that is bereft of athletes that exhibit superiority in what they can achieve far yonder their competitive reach would soon degenerate to become just a mere game to play in “circus” and/or mere”purse” to earn for the “sharks”: that lurk in shallow waters.

Every sport ought to bring excitement and inspiration to the people. There is a certain “push” that the people can gain from watching the competition to beat life’s odds and climb the highest heights bearing strength and “tools” beyond them.

People grasp the same power and abilities that athletes possess in order to win by involving themselves in the contest simply through cheering and “dreaming” that their favored athlete or team would prevail.

This is nowhere more evident than countries like China and South Korea, with the latter frequently visiting 토토사이트 for practices and coming up trumps most of the time.

Different sports are blessed with great athletes at different times. Boxing has Sugar Ray Robinson and Henry Armstrong. Basketball has Michael Jordan. Rod Laver in Tennis, Mark Spitz in swimming, Joe Lewis in Karate, Jack Nicklaus in Golf, Trever Bayne in Track and Field and the list goes on and on..

Boxing today has back-to-back sensations in Manny Pacquiao and Nonito Donaire. The Pacman, in fact, has transcended boxing to become world famous in more than one positive way that brings about positive impact not only upon sports aficionados but also upon people from all walks of life at home or abroad who are aware of the man’s virtues, accomplishments and great exploits inside and outside the ring.

As for Nonito “the Filipino Flash” Donaire, he is evolving to become another “icon” of talent and power in the sport of boxing who may soon capture everyone’s imagination beyond wonders as bigger fights are ahead of him to win and amaze the world.

Donaire’s spectacular performance demolishing Fernando Montiel was a triumph of faith by the “Filipino Flash” and for the Filipino people, exhibiting without any shadow of a doubt that Donaire rose to the occasion and brought the battle into the air, rising above himself.

It was a delight to see him transformed back to virtues where greatness isn’t always known and judged by the inclinations of the “self” and by what fascinates the mundane superficial world but on the basis one’s capacity to fly.

Indeed outside of boxing star Donaire’s exceptional skills and power inside the ring last Saturday, there proves that Sovereign lives.

Had he relied solely on his abilities and self confidence “believing” for an early knockout win just as he repeatedly predicted since last November, Donaire’s conquest of Montiel to seize the championship belts would have not been that exhilarating for him.

So unspeakable was the joy in Donaire’s face as he jumped, ran, shouted and cried the minute he knew Fernando Montiel would not be able to continue fighting after his single vicious punch to the head in the second round, as if he didn’t have what it takes to achieve the “miracle.”

And that’s the beauty of it when one starts to have the right focus to believe and as a result experience crossing parted Red Seas or walking on water: Heaven is thanked and God gets the glory.

The world has seen Donaire looked up in deep thoughts of gratitude to his Lord through a TV camera and then bowed down in prayer/reverence while the “shocked” and spirited crowd in the Mandalay Bay Center was all in awe and admiration of the man sharing the jubilation with him.

Nonito Donaire transported the “warfare” into the air and so he was not alone winning the bout.

Agence France and Associated Press reported Donaire as acknowledging the Power behind his power during an interview immediately after the fight: “I just came out there believing in this talent God has given me. I thank God for this victory (and all the Filipinos who supported me).”

There goes another story of faith and triumph that may probably qualify to be in the list of Hebrews eleven.

We now have in world boxing two Manny Pacquiaos at one and the same time. Back to back honor for the nation. And they are both Filipinos.

Humbled to be one!

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