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The Half Point Mystery Revealed

Without a shadow of a doubt, the half point is the most critical line number in all of sports betting. A simple half point can make or break your bet – meaning the fine line between bulging pockets flush with newly earned cash or a plummeting bankroll. All savvy sportsbook bettors utilize numbers as part of their wagering arsenal and use it to their advantage. The whole concept of teasers (a betting game where you can ¨buy¨ points to increase the likelihood of your team covering the spread) is based on the half point philosophy. Why is the half point so important?

For starters, how many times have you sat through a close game? In the ¨down the wire¨ sport of professional football, so many games are decided on a 3 point field goal, it´s uncanny. Numerical data dating back a decade has proven that most football games are decided by a close margin. As a matter of fact, a whopping 15% of more than 600 professional football games played throughout the course of the 90´s have been decided at a 3 point margin. This might not seem like much, but take in consideration that 34% of 600 professional football games have been decided by 10 points or less! Using this valuable information, deciding whether to purchase the half point or not is a critical decision. Buying the half point could mean the difference between a push, a win, or a loss.

It is generally considered risky to buy half points as they are not necessarily safe bets where you have more often than not lose out and the chances of winning are very less and you are left in a dilemma where you always ponder where can I find both teams to score tips?

Sometimes, you don´t even need to buy the half point. By shopping lines, you can have an added half point thrown in for you at the sportsbook with the best odds. However, you might need to buy an extra half point no matter what sportsbook you use. How do you go about purchasing the half point? For starters, we already know that most bets require that you slap down $10 to win $9, netting the sportsbook 10% of your winnings in case they lose. When you exercise the option to buy the half point, you thrown down $11 to win $9. Will you gain added security by throwing down an extra dollar? This is where your judgment comes into play.

Analyze numerical data (if you like to go the extra mile) to determine how often your team wins by a half point, 2 points, 3 points, or more. Has your team been blowing out teams left and right with 14 point and 21 point wins due to a high octane offense, or have they barely escaped close games? If your team is ranked No. 1 in the league in offense, will you buy the half point if they´re facing the team with the 21st ranked offense? By taking into consideration this information, you will be best informed over your half point buying decision. Remember, sports betting is all about working the numbers. Buying the half point can pad you bet with added security, or it may cost you a couple of dollars for nothing. Seasoned veterans usually tell you to go with your gut instinct. How many times have you wished you bought the half point after a close loss? Proper research is key.

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