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Tips Hints To Win Big Money From Slot Machines At Online Casinos

Are you new to playing online slot machines? Or just fed up of losing? We’ve sent a team of researchers to find out how the ‘big winners’ play differently, and we’ve got all the hints, tips and secrets right here! We’d never claim to have a 100% money making formula, no one does. What we do have is a few ‘key pointers’ to give you the best chance of hitting a monster jackpot. Have you ever read the news reports about lucky players who’ve won millions in a single spin? Well, those kind of ‘feel-good stories’ are what keep us interested in slot machines, and we’re on your side – so sit back, relax and enjoy the latest tips for beating the slots at online casinos!

How an Online Slot Machine Works

Firstly, it’s worth thinking about how an online slot actually works. With a regular fruit machine you’d get in your local pub (in the UK) the payout rate is about 80% on average. That means for every £100 you put into the machine, it’ll pay out around £80. Because fruit machines normally have large jackpots, the payouts are ‘few and far between’ – but they are BIG. With online slot machines, the payouts vary from around 90% to 98%. This is because online slots have HUGE payouts, sometimes over £1,000,000. That means it might not payout very regularly but when it does it’ll change someone’s life, forever.

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Online Slot Machine Tips

Let’s go over what we found the biggest winners did differently:

Get the best casino bonus

by ‘shopping around’ you’ll be able to double or even treble your first deposit – before you’ve gambled anything! There are loads of casino bonuses available, make sure you make the most of them before you start playing online slots! The best casino bonus at the moment is from Mansion Casino, which are offering new players up to £5,000 in welcome bonuses. The use of the right tips for playing pkv games will benefit the gamblers. The new and interesting options are available at the reputed site to benefit the poker players. Some welcome bonuses are available for the potential and new players at the online casino. 

Play high variance slots 

A high variance slot means the payouts don’t happen very often, but when they do they’re big – really big! High variance slots have paid out some of the biggest jackpots, the biggest being over €15,000,000!

Find the biggest progressive jackpot – Progressive jackpots are ‘shared jackpots’ across multiple casinos. Because they’re shared prizes, they can reach enormous levels. Each time someone takes a spin, a percentage of that money is put into the progressive jackpot. If you find out which jackpots are highest, you’ll give yourself the bets chance to win the most money!

Enjoy the money you win – The biggest mistake you can make when you’ve won a monster jackpot is putting all the money back through the machine. Give yourself a target that you’d be happy winning and stick to it. Once you’ve reached that goal, walk away and treat yourself to something nice!

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