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Tips To Improve Your Online Poker Play Before You Even Get Any Cards

Playing online poker is fun and fairly addicting to say the least. But there are those of who sit mindlessly in front of the computer screen for hours just for the rush of hitting the next huge pot. This article is for those guys, the guys who know how to play poker but want to really improve on their game. This informative article if the techniques are applied, will give you an exciting edge over even the biggest chip bullies and tightwads to grace the online poker table.

This article will mainly focus on the most popular form of online poker, No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em. This game is seen and played everywhere. If you have ever watched poker on the T.V, they were most likely playing Texas holdem. I will mainly focus on Internet play as some say it is the most difficult of all, because you cannot actually see the other player’s expressions. Are they bluffing or not?

First starting playing Holdem you will most likely see your chips swallowed up bye the pot fairly quick. This is because you do not have an understanding of the technical side of Holdem. By that I mean predicting the odds that any one hand will produce results.

There have been tons of studies done on Holdem by researchers that have given them a good idea of the odds of winning in several different situations, and the best strategies to play. Understanding these odds are key for any Holdem player to be consistently successful. Furthermore, visiting some official websites like https://ninjaqq.net where online poker games are available is one of the best ways to improve your online poker play.

What follows is a well rounded list of tips that you can use to give you the edge even before the cards are dealt. You have to make decisions constantly and quickly. Possessing the following 9 tips you will be able to make better decisions on a more consistent basis, meaning you’ll win more often.

  • The first thing you’ll want to do is select which online casinos you want to be a part of. Personally I choose about 5 I constantly play on and can trust to pay out on time. Also you want to be sure that their application is up to industry standards, especially concerning their randomization algorithm. If you are not sure, go on any online poker forum and ask and I’m sure you will get a ton of answers.
  • Choose a betting limit you’re comfortable with. Stay away from high stakes tables online, as it is only a recipe to lose large amounts really quickly.
  • Select your stakes. It is generally said that you should have 50 to 100 times more than the big blind. The more you have the better, as you will be able to intimidate and “bully” weaker players into folding good hands.
  • Select the right table. When playing Holdem online you want to find the loosest tables. That means the tables where people are throwing around a lot of money. Usually this is a sign of inexperience and you will be able to catch these guys in their own trap. Don’t rush, watch at least three tables for about 5-10 minutes then choose the loosest one.
  • Choose a position on the table. So you’ve found a good loose table, now you want to target the tightest player on that table and sit to their left. Stay away from lucky players. The reason you want to sit by tighter players is because they understand the rules of the game, and will not beat you just by throwing chips around and getting lucky.

  • Take notes. Taking notes on the players at your table can be a very helpful activity when making a big decision like calling a large bet. What happened last time that person placed a large bet, did he hesitate? This time he bets quickly meaning that he probably has the cards to back it up. Picking up little things like this can really improve your decision making.
  • Ignore other players. A lot of the times other players will want to chat, distract you, make fun of you, whatever it be. Ignore them altogether. You are there to play poker and focus not to make friends and chat it up.
  • Play like a veteran. Remember that tight player you targeted earlier in the table choosing process — well be him. Play tight, understand the odds and bet aggressively at the right times. Also beware of other players betting large amounts, often times they will have the cards to take the pot. Only bet if you think you have the nuts.
  • Take a break after one hour. Yes, this can be hard if you are on a winning streak, but in my experience riding out one of these winning streaks often results in a losing day. Play for one hour, go do something else. When you come back you will be way sharper than the other players who’ve been playing for 4 hours straight.

Using these 9 tips can really give you a winning advantage over the competition. Yes, it may seem like a lot of extra work but there is nothing more satisfying than a controlled, chip-raking, poker session. Stay above and beyond your competition and you will most certainly be an excellent online Texas Holdem’ player.

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