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Why Am I Still Playing Tournament

Because every once in awhile i place decent in one. not that i can really accept that as a decent reason. but the fact of the matter is i really want to win a seat in the Bellagio WPT event in dec, and pokerroom runs sat’s … somehow i used playing in this one sat to justify a slew of other multi entries [hey, I needed to prep, right?] and my “one table, one nation, one singular sensation” plan described one post down suffered as a result.

And the multis? i think i just ended up breaking even, more or less. maybe a bit up. i popped a 5th in the stars 109 rebuy that covered some other flameouts. i confirmed that Dan Harrington is a genius [alternatively he might just be pretty smart and I’m a total jackass; either way, relatively he’s much smarter than i am] and that everyone should buy his tournament books – harrington on holdem vols 1+2 – especially the second of the two, which for my money is the most clearly written, insightful poker book ever written and should benefit people who don’t ever plan to play a single tournament in their lives. here’s how good i think it is: i believe Omaha ring players would get better from this book, and it’s exclusively about NL holdem tourney play.

I have managed to make a few non-poker friends in Louisville. that is exciting. now i should move on to trying to make some poker friends; i feared making them first because i knew if i did, i would have virtually no poker-free … uhh … life zones? is that a term? i don’t think so.

Just ran into quads in the empire 250 R+A. i played the hand very poorly, which is a bad idea in the most expensive tournament of the month. and that’s the type of pro insight i know you all tune in for – playing bad is bad. hold your applause until the end, please.

Latest “pro” crisis – dealing with the fact that, more or less, my choice of employment renders me little more than a pariah. playing poker like situs judi online for a living means i don’t really make anything, don’t contribute anything, don’t advance anything – i make a living based soley on the failures of others. poker is hardly the only profession where this is true, and in fact it’s a bit of a comfort that poker at least doesn’t hide it the way some of it’s career cousins do, behind veneers of self-importance or self-perpetuation. still, it’s not a pleasant thought. at the end of the day, tho …

  1. I make money
  2. I don’t’ have to wear a suit
  3. I can drink beer at my job
  4. I don’t’ really have a clue what else i would be doing.

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