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Analysis: Issues Leading to Possible Hooters Casino Bankruptcy in Las Vegas

As a business advisor, and a frequent traveler to Las Vegas, many of my regular readers find that I often write articles that combine these two passions of mine. In the case of the possible Hooters Casino bankruptcy, there are some that are almost expecting me to explain what steps have brought 155 East Tropicana, LLC (the owners) to the point that they would tell the Las Vegas Sun that a Hooters Casino bankruptcy is possible in Las Vegas. Beside all the factors listed below there are several other situations that caused this scenario and if you are interested in details about all those factors check out qqturbo.bet.
Narrow Market

One of the first issues that I have always had as a business advisor, and as a regular Las Vegas traveler, is the fact that Hooters Casino gave itself a very narrow market to begin with. While males between the age of 21-45 is a large market, they make up only a portion of the number of prospective players that other casinos in Las Vegas are able to market to.

Further the narrow market of the Hooters Casino in Las Vegas by adding in the fact that most wives and girlfriends that I have ever met would not be very interested in staying at a Las Vegas hotel that is geared solely to the type of guy that would travel to a Hooters in the first place. The narrow market is one of the first aspects that has led Hooters Casino in Las Vegas down the road to bankruptcy.


There are many that will argue that the size of the Hooters Casino puts it at a major disadvantage in Las Vegas. Those who would argue this would be right. When you mix the fact that Hooters Casino is one of the smallest casinos in Las Vegas, and the fact that the casino has such a narrow market makes it a prime candidate for bankruptcy.

Declining Market

Many of my regular readers have read my article about companies that are doomed to fail because of starting with flawed business models (you can read it here). You will notice in the article that one of the major points can deal with a Hooters Casino bankruptcy. Companies that start out during the decline of a market are usually doomed from the start.

When the Hooters Casino opened in Las Vegas in early 2006, many of us that pay close attention to Las Vegas were already seeing a decline in themed hotels and casinos around the city. Las Vegas war beginning to trend more towards luxurious European-style hotels that cared more about opulence than theme.

In the previous year to the opening of the Hooters Casino in Las Vegas, Wynn had opened at made the statement to the world that Las Vegas was going to be floating away from themed hotels. Wynn made that statement that opulence was the new way of life on the Las Vegas Strip, and others had to step up, or step out of the way. For more information about themed hotels going away in Las Vegas, read this.

Customer Service

In my mind, the final issue that is bringing us to talking about a Hooters Casino bankruptcy is customer service. There are many websites, travel guides, and online reviews of the Hooters Casino that point to the fact that the casino does not live up to expectations when it comes to customer service. A common theme among many of these reviews is that the Hooters Casino offers the same level of service that one would find at a Hooters restaurant.

While an outside observer might that that this would be fine, this is well below the standard that many expect for customer service in Las Vegas. Most Las Vegas travelers expect workers at the hotels and casinos to bend over backwards at a moment’s notice. Not so with many of the reviews of customer service at Hooters Casino. During a time in which customer service is being pressed more than ever, Hooters Casino would need to step up to avoid bankruptcy.

I would like to point out that I have not mentioned the economy as having any part in a possible Hooters Casino bankruptcy, and there is a reason for that. While the soft economy might have progressed the inevitable with the Hooters Casino, and it might have been the straw the broke the camels back, I would assure you that the Hooters Casio would still have been walking down this path some time in the near future.

Finally, I would like to point out that a Hooters Casino bankruptcy would not necessarily mean the end of the road for the casino. If you were to take the time to go through the bankruptcy filings in Las Vegas, you are sure to find many casinos that filed that are still around today. Even if the casino does go away, there is sure to be a line of buyers that are willing to put up the money so that some kind of casino goes back on the same site

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