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Atlantic City : Not Just a Place to Gamble

Afew years ago, I visited Atlantic City every summer in July or August with my boyfriend at the time and his family and friends. It was very exciting for me because I love the beach, but many people would say “Atlantic City is good for gambling, but the beach isn’t clean, I don’t really like it.” Of course, that is not the opinion of everyone, but only some people, like my mother. She would tell me that the water there was dirty and I would just shrug my shoulders. I did not care. For a teen who, as a child, was not taken to the beach often, I could care less about dirty water. Besides, I did not think it was dirty at all. I thought the sand was clean, the water clean, the shops along the boardwalk interesting, and the whole experience in general great.

I can remember the bus ride there. It was a bus trip that was supposed to take you to Atlantic City to gamble. Now, you can play pkv games on your mobile pone whenever you want. It’s just a very different thing nowadays. You were not supposed to use it just to visit the beach, but every year we did. We would have a lunch of sandwiches and drinks packed. When we arrived, out onto the hot sand we would go. I would always wear flip-flops, so as I walked the sand would get flung up at the back of my legs. My boyfriend and I loved being at the beach together. We would head into the icy water right away and then run onto our towels to warm up in the sun. Finding seashells was another one of our favorite activities. We found buckets full and of course would haul them back onto the bus so we could take them back to town.

They were some good memories. Alot better than a memory of some casino, sitting inside all day, not even enjoying the sun or seagulls. I’d rather be out on the beach. Even if some people think it is a dirty beach. I think it is a perfectly fine beach. It has brought me many wonderful memories. Memories that I will remember and appreciate for ever. I have not been there in two or three years because my boyfriend and I are not together anymore, but I know we will both always remember those hot days on the beach where we acted like little kids running around through the water and sand. Atlantic City is not only a gamblers attraction, it is an attraction to those who know how to appreciate the water, the seagulls, the sand, and the sky. Those are the folks who really enjoy Atlantic City.

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