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Cell Phones at the Poker Table – Learn about the software compatibility

Many, if not most, brick & mortar casinos now have a rule against players using cell phones at the poker table. However, having a rule and enforcing that rule are two entirely different things, and the enforcement of this rule is usually sloppy at best. In this day and age, it’s becoming more and more impossible for us to get away from those ever-shrinking, ever more technologically advanced and multitasking little communication devices. In terms of their use at the poker table, it basically comes down to two issues. One, is it unnecessarily rude to talk on your cell phone at the poker table? And two, does it disturb the integrity of the game? If you want to does betting at the mobile phones, then you should register at Judi Bola Resmi site. The learning of the games is essential to get the desired winnings in the bank account. The selection of the right approach will offer the benefits to the online bettors. 

In either case, there’s no clear answer, as it mainly comes down to a matter of personal opinion. The one time when it does clearly violate the integrity of the game for a player to speak on his cell phone is if he does so while he is still involved in a hand. Even if his conversation has absolutely nothing to do with poker, he is technically violating the “one player to a hand” rule, which is one of the most sacrosanct rules in poker. Anytime a person talks on the phone as he is playing a hand, that opens the door for potential collusion. He could be talking to a railbird friend who can see another player’s cards, or (if he is speaking sotto voce or in a foreign language) the player could be asking for advice on how to play his hand. Either way, it’s illegal, and dealers are getting better about enforcing against this, especially in tournaments.

Beyond that, it gets a little fuzzy. As cell phones continue to proliferate, the issue of whether or not it’s rude to talk on a cell phone in a public place will continue as well. Almost everyone would agree that it’s very rude to talk on your cell phone in a theater during a movie or a play, but what about in a restaurant? At the grocery store? On a public bus? And are any of these environments analogous to a poker table? Poker is a competition, a mental sport if you will, played for money. As such, doing something that disturbs and irritates the people around you takes on a new meaning. Making matters worse, people have a tendency to speak louder when they’re on the phone, trying to make themselves heard above the din, which in turn makes their conversation all that much more difficult to tune out.

If it doesn’t bother you to hear your fellow players on their cell phones during the game, it conceivably could provide you with an advantage. Players on the phone are, by definition, players who are not giving their full attention to the game. They’re distracted. They won’t play as well. It’s even possible that you could learn something important about a player’s personality (which could translate into how he plays the game) from listening to his one-sided conversation.

A great many players are bothered by it, though. While some people insist that they must be reachable everywhere they go, 24/7, because of work issues or in case of an emergency — and they wouldn’t be able to play poker otherwise — there are ways to accomplish this and still be considerate of your fellow players. For starters, you can put the cell phone on vibrate, which will make it less intrusive. If you want to take the call, fold your hand and step away from the table until you have finished with the conversation. (Or make the sum total of your conversation “I’ll call you back in a minute.”) You can use Caller ID to screen for only calls that are likely to be important. You can set the phone to pager mode. Or you can not answer and let it go to voice mail, then check the message and possibly return the call a few minutes later when you have a break. Any of these methods will allow you to stay in touch with the outside world as you play, without disturbing the insular, competitive, singular world that is the poker room.

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