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There’s nothing more annoying than someone poking you, or, wait for it, having a ‘hot poker up your….’ (you have a guess). Or you could just simply have a game of Poker, you know, the card game that is really popular and taking the world by storm. I think I’m a bit late; Poker has been popular for a while now. Perhaps I was lost in the storm whilst Poker hit the world by storm. In fact, Poker is a bit of, been there done that, wouldn’t you think? Or maybe you don’t think at all.

Yes there is the Internet, TVs, video games and a host of other stuff, but there is also Poker. Poker is one of the pkv games that players are highly interested into. This game category has amazing features. Poker was like the game you played on your own or, even better, with the mates, in the backyard shed when the wife was busy in the kitchen and you told her you were going down the road to buy your ticket in the latest lottery draw. While you may not have won the lottery, you definitely won those pack of chips from the taking the field, yes even on your own, with Poker. And if you lost at Poker, or the lottery, you can go wild with a ‘Hot Poker’; so watch out all you consistently successful Poker players. If you don’t know what I mean by a Hot Poker, and I probably should have mentioned this earlier after mentioning the words ‘Hot Poker’, just think about the words for a while – Hot, yes it is Hot…. and Poker, like Poke-You. Now put the two together and what do you have…….?

Someone definitely made Poker famous. From your famous backyard shed to the lounge room to the Hotels and casinos around the world. Get a load of this people. Poker is one of many sub-sports on television of lately (look I didn’t say TV) made famous, such as darts, snooker and now Poker. Well at least you can use your imagination with Poker, if you happen to have an imagination, unlike Poker machines where everything is done for you and you just sit back and take it. Now just sitting back and taking it is not a sexual connotation, and I can just picture some of the men making it one. Females just relax, men don’t say a word and you know what I mean.

You can now see Poker stars mixing it with the rich and famous. In fact, if you are into Poker that much, you should carry a pack of cards in the pocket of your pants and be ready for the line, ‘what do you do?’ And make it up – ‘I’m a (cough, cough) Poker champion. Didn’t you see me on TV (woops I say an abbreviated TV)? C’mon you must have.’ Of course you were never on TV, and you were a Poker champion in your own right in your backyard shed or lounge room, but hey, isn’t Poker great.

In fact, the back-yard shed needs a bit of a revamp; instead of a dart-board, with a dart is like a sharp Poker, or a billiards table, with the snooker stick for an extra long Hot Poker, you can have a Poker table, and have a Hot Poker for anyone disputing you are the champion Poker player for the evening. After all, it is ‘your’ backyard shed.

Ok I’ll best honest. I never really took to Poker, but others did, and so I’m acknowledging Poker’s contribution to the world with this Poke at Poker.

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Lucy is a professional poker player and shares a keen interest in all card games be it blackjack, rummy, gin, spit, and more. She wishes to share her experience that she gained over the years with other new player.
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