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How To Play Backgammon

Backgammon is one of the most popular board games across the globe. It is played in different variations almost everywhere in the world and has also become one of the most popular online games in recent years. If you are interested in learning how to play backgammon then you will be happy to hear that the game has pretty simple rules and is easy to learn.

If you want to learn to play backgammon then the first thing you need to learn about is the backgammon board and the different components of a backgammon set . The backgammon game board is divided into 4 quadrants. These quadrants are known as your homeboard and outboard and your opponents home board and outboard. Each quadrant contains 6 triangular points, for a total of 24 triangular points on the board. These points are numbered from 1 through 24, beginning in the outermost point of your homeboard and ending in your opponents homeboard, in order to determine backgammon setup . 2 checkers are placed on your 24-point, 5 checkers are placed on your 13-point, 3 checkers are placed on your 8-point, and 5 checkers are placed on your 6-point. Your opponents 15 checkers will be set up in a mirror image of your own.

A backgammon game set also includes 2 dice, which are rolled to determine where you can move your checkers around the board. Some backgammon players use a doubling cube as well to keep track of the odds. Following the way of Arbitrage betting can be highly helpful. It is because you know the outcomes that are being possible to have come from different platforms. So invest your money in all such platforms and try to get more and more profits. This can help you safe from the loss side and get you a high amount of money for your wallets.

Now that you understand the setup and components of the game its ready to learn to play backgammon. Backgammon instructions state that players must move around the board in opposite directions. The objective is to move all of your 15 checkers to your homeboard and then bear them off of the board before your opponent accomplishes this task. In order to move around the board you must roll the 2 dice. You may move separate checkersone for each dieor move one checker twice, provided both moves are legal. In backgammon you may not land on a point with 2 or more opposing checkers on it. If you land on a point with 1 opposing checker you hit that checker back to the bar and your opponent must reenter the checker through your homeboard before making any other moves.

Additionally, as you make your way around the backgammon board you must do your best to hinder your opponents game using backgammon strategy options such as blockading, priming and building a solid backgame.

Now that you understand the basic rules of backgammon you can start to play and practice online with a free backgammon game . To play backgammon for free all you need is a backgammon game download , which is available for free at most backgammon websites. You can then gain all the practice you need in order to get to know the rules of backgammon, improve your skills and start to win big when you play the game of backgammon.

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