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Starcraft 2 Terran Scouting Strategies

A winning strategy in Starcraft 2 will always include careful scouting of the opponent. Scouting allows you learn the location, amount, and kind of buildings and army units that your foe is producing. This will help you understand his strategy and produce the buildings and units needed to protect yourself against it and win the war while playing Judi Slot which helps you in building the strategies that can help you in increasing the potentiality of win.

Terran scouting has a unique advantage vs. the Zerg and Protoss races in Starcraft 2 – the Terran’s have the skill to scout their foe without risking any of their troops. Terran’s can use their Scanner Sweep skill on a sizeable part of the map, which will see buildings and troops, even those that are cloaked and/or burrowed. This can be done on any segment of the map throughout the whole game (as long as you have enough minerals).

This doesn’t mean that Scanner Sweep should be the only scouting mechanism you use as a Terran – it’s important to also use your troops and buildings when you spy on your opponent. SCV units, Reapers, Vikings and Hellions all can make good scouting units depending on the circumstances. Make sure to check out this SC2 guide that has brilliant scouting strategies (and much more), check out these reviews of the best Starcraft 2 guides on the market today.

Terran Scouting Secrets – Early Game

One of the most useful starting units for scouting is the SCV that constructed your earliest supply depot. Another unit that is good to scout with depending on the game options you’ve chosen are SCV units 12 or 13. In games where the race of the opponent is random, or in games with a 4 player map, you should most likely start scouting earlier than in other battles.

If you’re fighting against Protoss and they seem to have a lot of units but very few Pylons, you probably haven’t identified all of them. Your opponent has probably built some tech buildings and Pylons in out of the way sections on the map. Prepare for a Cannon Rush or Void Ray if your units discover a Forge while scouting. Start to prepare for a Zealot Rush or Robotics Bay if your scouting unveils two Gateways.

When fighting against a Zerg opponent, you should anticipate a 6-8 Zergling rush attack if you see a Spawning Pool. Hatcheries are signs that the Zerg enemy may be producing Mutalisks, Hydras, or a large scale Roach attack. If you want to improve your game much more quickly, you have to go to my reviews of Starcraft 2 guides for totally honest reviews of the best guides out there.

Mid-Game Terran Scouting Secrets

In the middle of the game, you can also use your buildings as well as to your troops to scout your enemy. One of your mid-game options is to use your Factory or Barrack buildings to fly over several areas of the map. If you do this, you can find out where, how many, and which types of buildings and troops you are up against. This can also be a good time to use units other than your SCVs to scout – Hellions, Vikings and Reapers are all excellent scouts with different abilities during this part of the battle.

Vikings can be great units to fly above the adversary and scout and harrass him while you do it. Reapers are really fast units that can also leap off of cliffs, and Hellions are also quick units that can really do a lot of damage vs. lighter units.

Terran’s become much more challenging to scout once they wall up. Constructing three supply depots, two depots and a barrack, or a barrack and factory to create a wall are simple ways to do this.

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