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The Different Mobile Casino Platforms

According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITCU), in 2011, mobile density rose to 87% and by 2017, it will reach 100%. The same organization also found that at least 30% of mobile phone users surf the Internet or play mobile games.

This is a very promising number and maybe the reason why mobile casino operators are taking advantage of this platform nowadays. The truth is, the mobile casino sector transacts an average of $2.5 million per day and there’s no doubt that this number will only rise in the future. Considering that mobile and desktop casinos are integrated these days, it is only logical that we look into the popular mobile casino platforms and their features.


This is the first phone platform and it has the highest number of gambling applications today. Most casino games that are on this platform are available as applications with a ‘dot sis’ extension. There are about 122 mobile websites that provide sis mobile gambling software.

Currently, there are five generations of this platform. The 2nd and 4th generations have the majority of live mobile casino applications on the Internet. You may also find hassle-free mobile casino updates in different Symbian hubs. The 5th generation can also host applications with high-resolution graphics.


This is the second-fastest-growing mobile platform in the world today. There are more than 18 mobile manufacturers that rely on this platform and most casino game providers have already launched an Android version of their games.

What makes this platform very popular to gamers is that it can be easily upgraded directly from the application links and marking the auto-upgrade option in the device enables the software to upgrade itself whenever there’s a development in the market.

Another factor why the Android platform is gaining popularity is that it can host high-resolution games, specifically 2D and 3D. Android devices are also hardly affected by viruses.


This is the leading mobile platform and almost all phones in the world support Java software. Even the most basic GPRS-enabled phones can be installed with Java and can even host low graphic standard mobile casino games.

When looking for mobile casino applications on this platform, it is recommended that you choose the offline application and the best option here is judi bola which is an online casino. Basic Java phones have less memory back-up and real-time streaming may freeze the phone and alter the results.


This platform support hosts various mobile casino applications. It can also host gambling games that require real-time streaming, as well as games with higher graphic resolutions. Moreover, the data from this platform can also be synchronized with a computer that also runs on the same operating system. This makes payment easier since you can do it via computer or smartphone.

These are four of the most popular mobile casino platforms today and if you’re planning to download games, make sure it is compatible with your device and that the games you want to play are available on these platforms.

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