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Turning Poker Into A Full Time Occupation

If you are good at it, you can turn poker into a full-time career. The fact that more and more people are joining the professional poker circuit means that playing poker can be a viable source of income for the person who has the right combination of luck, strategy and diligence. If you are considering turning to poker for your source of livelihood, here are a few tips to help you succeed.

Walk before you runAt the start of your poker career, look for low-limit tables to join. The reason for this is two-fold: you don’t want to risk too much too soon and you’re more likely to find less-proficient poker players at low-stakes tables.

At the beginning of your poker career, it will be foolhardy to risk so much money immediately. First of all, you’re just starting out so however good you perceive yourself to be, high-stakes players have tricks in their sleeves that you’ve never even considered. By sticking to low-stakes games, you will learn more about poker; you will gain valuable experience on poker psychology and winning strategies.

Low-limit tables also attract those who have newly-ventured into the poker scene so you will find most of your opponents quite easy to read and outwit. Being more experienced than your opponents can be a great advantage in poker. To win more money, you just have to have endurance to play more games.

Of course, high-stakes poker has its merits. Because of the high stakes, you can win an enormous amount of money at one go. However, you can also lose more money than you can afford in a single foray to the high-stakes tables. You can play high-stakes poker but do so infrequently. Accumulate more capital from low-stakes games before you think of risking it in high-stakes play.

Grab high-potential opportunities that offer relatively low risksThere are lots of poker tournaments online and offline and they usually offer high prizes. Some of these tournaments are even free to join and most have small entry fees. What you can do is to join as many of these tournaments as you possibly can. All you will need is a relatively small capital for a chance to hit it big. If you are truly a skilled poker strategist, one who knows when to play tight and when to play aggressively, you have more than a fair shot at the big pot. The same opportunities is also noticed in 인터넷 카지노.

Pace yourselfWhether you are playing at low-stakes games, high-stakes tables, or poker tournaments, you need to remember that you need to have a good solid strategy to win. Of course, you need to be able to read your opponents with a certain degree of accuracy so that you can respond effectively. You also need to know when you have a strong hand that’s worth fighting for. If you have average cards, you have to know how to bluff to make other people believe you have a better hand. A good strategist will know when it is a good time to raise, check, call and fold to maximize winnings or to minimize loss.

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