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A Beginner’s Guide To The Game Of Razz

Razz is a version of Seven Card Stud. Each player will potentially receive seven cards. Four will be showing to everyone at the table, and three will be face down. After the initial three cards, betting will take place before every other card is shown. Normally the object in any poker game is to put together the best five card poker hand. That is exactly where Razz is different. The object of the game of Razz is make the worst hand possible using five cards. Aces will count as low cards, and straights and flushes don’t matter at all. Therefore, if you have the Ace, 2, 3, 4, and 5 of spades, you absolutely have the best hand, as the suit does not count against you, and neither does the sequence. As a matter of fact the ace through the five is the best possible hand in Razz, and is called; “The Wheel”.

With the basics out of the way, time to get into some strategy. One of the most important things to remember in any razz game is to get rid of any pairs, especially if you are a beginner. As soon as one of your first five cards pairs, muck them. If one of your first five cards pair, you are essentially gambling the rest of the way, and if you pair or trip up, then there is very little chance that you have the best hand. Another aspect of the game is playing the other people’s cards. While you can see more than half of their cards, you will be able to devise how good of a chance they are beating you. This is probably the most important aspect of razz, merely because you are able to take advantage of the structure of the game. And always keep in mind they know to a certain extent what you are holding as well. For beginners I would recommend only playing good starting cards. By this I mean to be calling with any two wheel components (A-5), and raise with three of them. Aggression will be your friend throughout your experience on the felt, and no more than during a game of razz.

Beginning any new poker game is usually going to be a losing experience regardless of previous knowledge. Every experience at a poker table will be new, some games will come more naturally than others. Razz is a game that is seen as one of the most frustrating games in the poker room. You may start with the three best cards possible, and next thing you know you are looking down at a full house. What makes the experience even better is knowing if you were playing straight seven card stud, you would be taking down a monster pot with your boat! But the best thing to do at a razz table is stay calm, do not get upset, and most of all be patient and pick your spots. Bluffs come during this game much more frequently than you may think, and one of the most fulfilling experiences at a poker table is dragging a pot away from an attempted bluff. You can learn more about the game if Razz and several other online games on Daftar Judi Online. You can master the art of betting with the help of certain tips and tricks that you find there.

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