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A Guide To Finding Your Bingo Partner With The I Love Bingo Comparison Table

Online gambling is a huge industry and new sites appearing almost daily, so it can be difficult to know which one to choose. The i-love-bingo comparison table at makes that choice easy and allows the gamer to make informed decisions about what each site has to offer. With over 75 UK sites to compare, there is something for everyone.

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The comparison tool is easy to use, just choose 4 online bingo sites from the drop down menus and click Compare. A table then appears below populated with statistics from all of the 4 sites under the headings explained below. The first is the release date of the site, which can be useful as new sites often offer better introduction deals, but older ones can offer bigger payouts due to their higher player numbers.

The top section of the list includes the i-love-bingo rating, user rating (which can be rated at any time by clicking the link) and the types of bingo games offered by the sites (90, 75 and/or 80 ball). The table also states what currencies and languages are supported.

The lower section of the table contains the nitty gritty details about the bingo site to help the savvy gamer decide. These include the sign up bonus, 1st deposit bonus, minimum ticket price and whether a Refer a Friend scheme is supported. The data in the table is regularly reviewed to ensure that it is correct and up to date, so offers assurance to the player.

When all of the options have been perused and the decision made between the various sites, you can immediately start playing by clicking on the Play button at the bottom of the table. This will direct you to the appropriate bingo website to begin the gaming experience. Sounds pretty easy. Eh?

The advantage of using a comparison tool is that the views expressed should be independent, or even better, the ratings should come from players themselves. This should offer some level of confidence when using the i-love-bingo comparison table and lead to successful matches and even more successful playing at the chosen bingo site. The other advantage of comparing less than 100 bingo sites is that it the comparisons are meaningful, and easy to understand.

You can of course search for the perfect online bingo site manually, it should only take a few years (and some cash) to locate and test the sites available. If that is not appealing, then you can depend on friends to refer a site to you, or you can just close your eyes and pick one at random. Those options are not likely to yield a sensible result, whereas a comparison tool could offer a quick and studious result in seconds.

A quick visit to the i-love-bingo comparison table could be the best thing you did all day if it helps you find your ideal bingo site. Take some tips from the experts and the players themselves (the real experts) and see if this comparison tool is all it is cracked up to be. There is only one way to find out, get online.

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