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Full Flush Poker New Usa Friendly Poker Room

The Equity Poker Network was launched just a few months ago and Full Flush Poker is their main poker room. The Equity Poker Network is one of 6-7 USA friendly online poker networks in 2014. The rapid growth over the last few months has USA online casinos and sportsbooks fighting to get a network license. Many existing U.S.A. friendly poker sites in 2014 are even considering to jump ship, leaving their current poker networks to join FullFlush Poker on the Equity Network. In about three months FullFlushPoker.com went from empty tables to over 1,000 peak players. At this rate they will huge by 2015. Full Flush Poker has successfully used the tried and tested method of throwing money at their traffic problems. Nothing is harder than getting some active tables for a new poker room. Most of the free money at FullFlush Poker is in the form of overlays and bonuses. Full Flush has a unique first deposit bonus that is actually both a bonus and a free cash credit. This bonus is a 150% match up to $600 but you also receive 20% instant cash. So if you make your initial deposit of $300 you would receive a $450 bonus and $60 in instant free poker money, plus the $300 obviously. Bonuses are universal but instant cash credits are rare in the USA friendly poker market.

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Visit www.fullflushpoker.com to claim our bonuses, free money, free Copper Coins and Promo Bucks in 2014.

Full Flush Poker Review – Overlays

Their guaranteed poker tournaments are rarely reaching 50% of the GTD amount. So for example, they run a $10,000 GTD tournament with a $20 buy-in. There are usually 100-200 players in it but let’s just say 200 exactly. 200 X $20 = $4,000. This means that this MTT has a $6,000 overlay. Your $20 buy-in is actually worth $50.

FullFlush Poker Cashouts

There is another kind of “guarantee” at Full Flush Poker in 2014 that is drawing in new players. When you cashout via check, Western Union or Moneygram it will take less than 24 hours to process your payment, guaranteed. You have to request your withdrawal by 10:30AM in order for it to be processed within 24 hours. If you request it later on than that just means it will be processed in 24-48 hours, which is still much better than most USA friendly poker rooms in 2014. The processing time is the period between the request and when the money is actually sent.

There are some other perks besides the bonus and free money when you visit FullFlushPoker.com using our link and siging up. These incentives include 10 Copper Coins. Each Coin will buy you in to a $500 poker tournament with a very small field. If you deposit $125 or more you will also claim 2,200 Promo Bucks. These Promo Bucks are kind of like tournament money (T$) at Pokerstars. They can be used to buy into regular real money tournaments, $22 worth.

This new U.S.A.-friendly poker site in 2014 also has a built-in casino. There are only around 60-70 games but it is nice enough. If you are looking for a more established USA poker site in 2014 I have listed the best of the best below.

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