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Foxwoods Casino in Ledyard, Connecticut

When it comes to finding one of the world’s largest casino’s you don’t need to look toward Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or anywhere else in the world. Just look towards Ledyard, Connecticut and you will find Foxwoods. Where, if you are looking for an online option for casinos then www ufabet com is there to help you with that. 

Foxwoods casino has been a favorite destination for gamblers from all over New England and the Mid Atlantic area for the past 15 years due to its a convenient location. But Foxwoods isn’t exclusive to the people who live in the areas surround Connecticut, it is one of the top spots to visit in New England. The site itself is less than 2 hours outside Boston, Massachusetts, and less than 3 hours outside New York City and estimates up to 30,000 people a day visit the resort and casino either individually or in groups by bus.

Foxwoods started off life as a high stakes bingo lounge in nearby Mashantucket in 1986. The bingo hall was being run by the Pequot tribe who had been lobbying the state of Connecticut for years to build a casino on land they said was the original location of their reservation before a war with the colonists in 1637. In 1988, with proof from archaeologists, the land was at one time inhabited by the tribe, the state granted their request and the building of Foxwoods begin the following year.

The design the Pequot had come up with was promised to rival the casinos of Las Vegas and Atlantic City and would be large enough to accommodate up to 50,000 people at a time. The casino boasts over 7,000 slots and video poker machines and has hundreds of different gaming tables to suit any gambler’s tastes and also allows you to bet on horse race currently running anywhere in the country. Foxwoods also keeps the bingo tradition alive with their 2,100 seat bingo room. We loved the bingo room, it was probably the only game my husband and I could agree on.

We visited Foxwoods in May 2005 and had a blast. It was a lot bigger then I had expected and the descriptions family members in Massachusetts had given me were pretty small compared to the size of the place when you get there. The first thing I noticed there was the Rainmaker statue in front where you can catch shows throughout the day and evening. We didn’t see a show while we were there, unfortunately, but the next time we make it there we are going to make it a point to see one. But Foxwoods also has shows and entertainment running constantly in their many lounges and restaurants such as The Hard Rock Cafe and Club BB which is a southern blues-themed club named after B.B. King. We really enjoyed Club BB, especially my husband who is a big fan of blues and jazz music. If you’re not into clubs or music venues then you could also try one of Foxwoods 25 different restaurants on site. They offer everything from hot dogs and hamburgers to Italian and Chinese food at a reasonable price.

But those are just the start of the entertainment here. They also have night clubs and bars here where you can still gamble while you’re eating or having a drink. If you’re into fancy and expensive bar’s you might enjoy the Mezz Ultra Lounge where you can actually drink a $3,000 Sapphire Martini which includes a real Sapphire. If you’re into boxing you might want to check out the Foxwoods Arena which also has a schedule of musical acts who perform there and at the Hard Rock Cafe. There wasn’t anyone big playing there when we went either. I think next time I will plan a better vacation for Foxwoods so we have more time to enjoy not only what else the casino has to offer but the local area surrounding the casino.

We enjoyed playing the video poker in the casino also and they offer games starting at $.05 cents all the way up to $100 a try. I know they also have private rooms you can go to if you’re a really high stakes player and want to throw down $1000 a try on slot and poker machines. The private rooms also have tables in them where you can play up to $10,000 at a time. This is what I have heard from people who work there though, sorry I can’t confirm it but I don’t have that kind of money to play there.

You will also find in Foxwoods 4.7 million square feet of space 3 different hotels that will fit anyone’s budget. We ended up staying at the Two Tree’s Hotel during the two nights we were there and really enjoyed it. The views are amazing also from the hotel and you can see the surrounding woods and towns next to Foxwoods. When we stayed there we were able to get an online discount and the room was about $75 a night, which wasn’t too bad since we had been traveling for 2 weeks and were starting to run low on money. And they have complimentary valet parking or free parking on site which was also a big help. You can also get free shuttle rides from Foxwoods into surrounding area towns or to the Mashantucket Pequot Museum where you can learn more about the Pequot tribe and their history in the region.

Also, if you want to go on vacation here but need to bring the kids along there is a huge play area for the kids to hang out in where they can find hours of entertainment. They have a playground area there and movies for the kids to watch along with video games to play with. The area is also guarded and has a large staff to take care of the kids and keep an eye on them at all times.

So if you’re planning your next vacation to New England, consider a stopover at Foxwoods casino. It’s a great spot to get lost in and enjoy yourself with family and friends.

Getting to Foxwoods is pretty easy if you are coming from New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and other parts of Connecticut. If you’re coming from the west (New York or western Connecticut) take Interstate 395 to Interstate 95 and follow it east towards Rhode Island. Get off the Interstate at CT-27 and follow that all the way to Ledyard. You will end up turning left onto County Road 214 when you get to the end of CT-27 in Ledyard and the casino will be approximately 6 miles from there.

If you are coming from the east (Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or eastern Connecticut) get on Interstate 95 and follow it until you are directed to CT-27. From there follow CT-27 to the end and turn left onto County Road 214. The casino will be approximately 6 miles from there.

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