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Horse Poker Strategy The Lessons – The learning from the lessons!!

H.O.R.S.E Poker Strategy

As poker becomes more popular and the game itself begins to evolve, we are finding the rate of players moving from Texas Hold’em to HORSE steadily increasing. If you are one of those players that have recently converted over to HORSE poker, or just one that is curious as to what all the fuss is about, it is crucial that you learn the basics. There is a reason why the 50k HORSE event is widely regarded as the true measure of who is the best player in the world. That reason is because you have to be proficient in all variations of the game to win. As you are learning and developing your game you will find it advantageous to apply the tips provided in this article. This will shorten the learning curve and allow you to think clearer about the dynamics of the game at the same time.

Have a Tight Hand Selection

At the judi online terpercaya site, the tight hand selection will offer the desired results. The picking of the poker game will require the skills and intelligence of the gamblers. The learning from the lessons will able you to play the games. The beginners will become successful players at the site. 

It is of paramount importance that in the early stages of your HORSE career that you carefully choose your starting hands. Many of you will have played Hold’em and will already understand the benefits of tightening your hand selection. In HORSE, this will play a critical role in not only your ability to keep yourself out of difficult situations, but will also allow you to develop your game quicker. What we mean by this is that when you play fewer hands you will be able to observe more. As you observe you will begin to notice which players are getting involved in a lot of hands and constantly ‘donating’ to the pot. It is these players that you want to target when you play one of your solid hands. Playing too many hands is a common mistake in the game of HORSE because not all players are familiar with each poker game. Observing these players will also allow you to see that hands that you once thought were strong aren’t as much anymore. In games like RAZZ poker and Omaha you will notice that weak players tend to call off a lot of their chips and generally overplay their hands because they believe their hand is much stronger than it actually is.

Play Aggressive

After you have incorporated a tight hand selection to your game and have a better understanding of the dynamics of the players and the game it is time to play aggressive. When you hold a solid hand, you can raise and re-raise pre-flop, even on every street. You will get called down a lot more than you normally would be accustomed to in a Hold’em game. You will find that you will win large pots regularly as well as receive more sucks outs. The game also becomes juicy when you play aggressive. Players will call you down on weak draws, soft hands and can pay you off handsomely. Assuming that you have a solid hand, you will begin to reap the rewards noticeably in games that your opponents aren’t accustomed to.

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Learn Each Game Individually

If you don’t want to be one of those ‘weak’ players who are targeted, or one that has to fold on almost all occasions due to being unfamiliar with the game, we advise you to play each game individually. Here you can play at whatever limits you are comfortable with to learn the ins and outs of that particular game. One of the many advantages of learning this way is that you will play against better quality opponents. Observe and take notice of the plays they are making, what starting hands they play with. Also take notice of the losing players. Check the hand histories to see what the losing player held in his hand. Doing this will allow you to see what kind of hands didn’t hold up and were too weak to beat the winning hand. Once you begin to observe trends of these sort of players you are well on your way to saving yourself a lot of money without losing it yourself. Learn from those that play well as well as those that play poorly. They both help you at each end of the spectrum.

A key advantage of learning each game individually is that you will learn the skills and strategy specifically for that game. You can learn quicker by playing more hands, improve faster and even become better than most simply by concentrating on the individual game. You don’t want to go through each poker variation just to break even until Hold’em comes around again. You will find that most players will have a background in Hold’em and may be just as good as or even better than you at it. The difference with the other forms of poker is that the amount of weak players is almost astonishing and is where you will make your easy money.


This almost goes without saying, but we do need to mention it. When you are playing you have to be aware of when the games change. If you are multi-tabling or not concentrating as much as you should be you can easily mistake one game for another. This commonly occurs between the games of RAZZ and Seven Card Stud. After the transition is made it is very easy to think you are still playing RAZZ when in fact you have now begun to play STUD. This can have a disastrous result when you can’t understand why you have lost a hand and then realise you are playing the wrong game.

One of the other reasons that you need to keep your concentration levels up is because you need to be aware of the players around you. As it was alluded to earlier, you can find a mix of players at the table in terms of quality. You can see the dynamics change remarkably between each game and you will have to take notice of how comfortable each player is at each one. Once you not only understand, but can play at a level where you can target these players you can extract copious amounts of money from them. A lack of concentration may cause you to miss out on your opportunity to capitalise on your opportunities.


When you are learning and developing your HORSE game it makes sense to do it in the most efficient way possible. You can do this by making sure you learn from both solid players and terrible players so you can improve your game without having to learn the hard way. Become familiar with each game by playing them individually until you are comfortable and even excel at it. Once you are proficient in each form you can make easy money at the HORSE tables by targeting the inexperienced and weak players. Having a tight starting hand range and playing aggressive is one of the ways you can do this. Lastly, keep your concentration levels up because it has significant consequences on the outcome of the game.

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