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Review of FireKeepers Casino in Battle Creek, Michigan

If you’re looking for a casino that is friendly and has a lot of options then FireKeepers is the place you should visit. FireKeepers is located in Battle Creek, Michigan and it’s defiantly worth the drive in my opinion. It’s located right off the freeway, so for those who get lost a lot, no worries here. This place is even better than 먹튀 which is located close to this location. 

My grandma is the one who got me started on casinos. She took me to my first casino in Canada when I turned 19. Years later, she still loves to head to casinos and lately I have started getting back into it. When I was younger, I liked going, but preferred to spend my money in other places. Now that I am older, I am starting to like going out with her and head to the casino. My grandfather passed away a few months ago, so my grandmother has been going a little more often to pass away the time. Since my grandfather was her casino buddy, I have stepped in and taken the place on occasions.

It takes us around 2 hours to drive to FireKeepers casino and while some say we are crazy since we are located basically 20 minutes from Detroit which is home to 3 other casinos we like it. We are not what you would call high rollers, so we don’t go with a lot of cash. We spend most of our time at the penny machines, but it works for us. Driving to FireKeepers helps kill some of the day for us and we like it.

FireKeepers is not as big as your other casinos may be. There are not several different floors. There is one large floor and that’s what you get. I find this better because you have more people on each machine because they don’t have a lot of other places to go. I think the machines are spaced out better then most casinos as well because they have to get more creative.

They have lots of choices when it comes to different machines as well. They have some older machines which people love and they have a lot of newer machines as well. You will find 78 table games, over 2680 slot machines, Progressive games, Video Poker and Bingo with a progressive Jackpot.

They have 5 different places you can eat at. The café 24/7 which offers you a relaxing place to eat quickly so you can get back to the games. They offer you things like sandwiches and soups. Nibi which is your more upscale place to eat. They feature and elegant bar and an exceptional menu. Chi Mon-ee’s food court which is like any other typical food court. The amazen blazen grab and go is another place where you can get your food quick. Then there is my personal favorite the Mijem Buffet which is open for lunch and dinner and it’s all buffet style.

Mijem Buffet is the only place I have eaten at both times I have been to this casino. I love the buffet style restaurants, so this is the one that I stick with. This buffet has different sections for each cuisine. You will find seafood, Asian food, Italian food, American food and of course the dessert. All of their desserts are hand made from scratch. Let me recommend their chocolate moose cake. It’s something you will crave the minute you leave.

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