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Fast And Easy Valentine’s Day Gifts For Classroom Parties: Free Printables

You want to be the type of parent who makes crafts with their child, but just can’t stand the mess, or you waited until the night before the classroom Valentine’s Day party and need something NOW.

Luckily, there are several Valentine’s Day printables that can serve as a lifesaver for a frantic parent. As long as your printer works, these can fill in in a pinch.

Valentine’s Day Rings. Easy, inexpensive and impressive, these paper rings are printed onto regular copy paper, or cardstock, cut out and then rolled. The longest part of making these is the cutting, but that can be delegated! Slip one end into the notch on the other to hold in place. Perfect to give out at a classroom Valentine’s Day party, or church celebration. The rings can be used as an inexpensive party favor or prize as well.

Valentine’s Day Pencil toppers. Teachers can hand out Valentine’s Day pencils with a Valentine greeting attached. As both a mother of four and a teacher, I have know the pressure holidays bring. Simply print these pencil toppers on sheets of white cardstock, cut out and wrap around a special pencil. Kids can use these as a Valentine card as well.

Temporary Tattoos or Stickers. This needs a little preplanning, but if you have a craft store or office supply store nearby, it will work! It may even be helpful to order online and stock up for the next holiday here; Each printable page on this handout has owls, peacocks, frogs and pigs and turtle cartoon images in special Valentine-style. Fourteen images a page. Excellent Valentine’s Day party prize or party favor, these tattoos also make a fun Valentine’s Day gift to go along with a box of conversation hearts or sucker.

Animal Cards: Templates for 21 different animal designed Valentine’s Day mini cards ( like the ones you could have purchased in the store, if you were planning ahead!) These are much less expensive, different than everyone else’s in the classroom…and customizable. The templates can be printed in either color, or black and white. If you choose the black and white, your children can color the cards in themselves and feel a part of the gift giving experience.

Cute Mini Cards. Best way to describe this mini cards from Activity Village. Free, printables with simply cute Valentine’s day designs. Let your child help cut them out, add some finishing touches and sign and they are good to go.

Don’t forget to raid your pantry or grab a bag of suckers at a convienent shop or 24 store to tape to the cards. A five pack of gum also works well, separate the packages into individual sticks and the cards are done. Are you planning a casino night party for valentine’s day? Well, that is no longer needed as these simple tips for a classroom party will definitely suffice. 

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