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Texas Holdem: Playing Pocket Aces

Pocket Rockets, otherwise known as American Airlines or “bullets,” is the most powerful starting hand that a Texas Holdem player can be dealt with. Pocket Rockets is the term used to describe Pocket Aces. If you find yourself at a Texas Holdem table and looking down at Pocket Rockets, you are in the best position possible. Although this is the best starting hand in all of Texas Holdem, it can be beaten if not played correctly.

Read on for some important tips on how to play Pocket Aces.

If you are dealt pocket Aces, you should always raise with them, regardless of your position at the table. My personal preference is to raise three to five times the big blind and I do this for a very specific reason. Pocket Aces only play well when facing one or two callers. If I get into a Texas Holdem pot with 5 or 6 other callers, chances are good that my pocket Aces are going to get busted. Firing off a large raise chases people out of the pot, reducing the chances of someone getting lucky and busting my Aces.

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Generally speaking, one or two people sitting at your Texas Holdem table will call your big raise. If you get no more than two callers, you are in good shape. You could have problems if you get more than two callers and it probably means that your pre-flop raise was not large enough. Regardless of what the flop shows, you need to bet the amount of the pot, especially if it brings a bunch of rag cards. Doing so will either take the pot down then and there or it will further thin the field. Be very wary if someone raises your pot-sized post-flop bet. This would be a pretty good indication that the person has hit his set and has you beaten. If an Ace is part of the flop, you would certainly re-raise such a raiser.

If you played your pocket Aces correctly, you should not be seeing the turn or river cards. However, if you have done as instructed and still have an opponent or two on the turn, you may want to bail out on the hand before it gets too expensive. Knowing who is sitting at your Texas Holdem table and how they play is very helpful at this point. If you are certain the person is bluffing you, you can continue to fir off pot-sized bets during each round. The object is to make “chasers” pay to see cards. The more you make them pay, the less likely they are to continue chasing.

The moral of the story is to always bet heavy with a hand such as pocket Aces when sitting at a Texas Holdem table. Tight and aggressive Texas Holdem players are the ones who win frequently. Following this article should help you get there.

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