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Video Blackjack – A Profitable Casino Game

Electronic Blackjack just as 카지노 사이트 추천 can provide a road to profits in some casinos. Most of the modern games are a multi-player electronic game that can seat six (sometimes five), players. These new games simulate the use of six decks in the play, and the cards are shuffled after every hand.

There is variation in rules stored in each computer that powers the games, so each game may offer a different percentage of return to the player. The criteria that the computer uses in the game are in plain sight on the machine.

With an average game, the casino maintains an edge of .48 percent. That is, for every $10 put into the machine, with average luck and perfect play by the participant, the casino will keep 4.8 cents. There are variations to the game that can raise and/or lower that percentage. Such things as late surrender and double anytime are common rules that would decrease the casino edge when properly applied by the player. With these two rules, the casino edge is reduced to .18 percent (that’s 1.8 cents per $10 wagered).

It is important to the player that they become proficient in Blackjack. Learning basic strategy is paramount. There is nothing wrong with creating a handheld guide to playing using a basic strategy. You can carry that paper to the casino and use it to help make decisions.

Most casinos have connected these Blackjack machines to their player’s card clubs. Many of these clubs rebate to the player a percentage of the money played in the machine. One of the casinos I frequent rebates .0025 (.25 percent). For every $400 – that’s 400 hands at $1 a hand – the casino rebates $1.

This rebate turns perfect play on the machine from a loser of .18 percent to the casino to a winner of .07 percent (.0007) to the player.

Experience has shown that depending upon the number of players at a machine, there are about 100 hands an hour. This can be raised by playing multiple hands or by playing while smaller crowds are in the casino.

Playing blackjack on an electronic machine with average conditions at $5 a hand would result in a win of 35 cents an hour ($5 x 100 hands x .0007). Speeding up the game and betting at higher limits provide a higher profit. $25 a hand on three hands would provide a profit of $5.25 an hour.

In addition to the cashback aspect of player’s clubs, the casinos normally offer complimentary to players that reach certain levels of play. Each casino differs to some extent on its rules, but it would not be uncommon to expect to receive offers of free rooms, free meals and free entertainment for playing three or four hours a day for several days at this level of betting. A player should inquire at the player’s club or ask a casino host for particulars after establishing some record by playing for a few hours.

As always, however, actual results could vary dramatically from the .0007 percent advantage. A good run of luck could have the player winning seven or eight hands out of 10 and showing a tremendous profit. A bad run of luck could have the playing losing seven or eight hands out of 10 and showing a devastating loss. The percentage is an “over the long haul” number and the more the game is played perfectly, the closer the player (and the casino) will be to reaching the calculated percentage.

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